Source by Joie, La Samaritaine’s healthy spot

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 30 July 2021 at 15h08 · Published on 29 July 2021 at 12h00
Head to La Samaritaine ground floor for a well-deserved break during your shopping spree. At Source by Joie, enjoy some plant-based and cheeky cooking, along the plant-filled light well.

La Samaritaine eventually reopened after 16 years of renovations. Sprawling location dedicated to luxury, fashion and beauty, La Samaritaine also features a wonderful food offer including – among others – Voyage Samaritaine by Matthieu Viannay, Ernest by Naoëlle d’Hainaut and Street Caviar.

For a well-deserved break in the middle of your shopping spree, head to the ground floor, Rivoli side, to discover a small, healthy and indulging corner: Source by Joie. Called as a nod to the place of Ernest Cognacq’s first store on the site of a pump supplying water to the right banks in Paris, this small café provides foodies with cheeky plant-based food.

La Source SamaritaineLa Source SamaritaineLa Source SamaritaineLa Source Samaritaine

Here, organic, raw and seasonal nutrients are given pride of place, and are to be enjoyed, seated by  the bright and plant-filled the light well. On the menu then, green and healthy, ideal on hot summer days: hearty bowls, chill soups, toasts and sandwiches.

Speaking of sandwiches, the egg-sando (€8) eyes at us! Some brioche sandwich stuffed with fresh spinach sprouts, deviled eggs with fresh herbs and miso-roasted onions, and pickles. A fleshy, fluffy and crunchy sandwich, very tasty. Like the daily special’s sandwich (€8) with eggplants, very indulging.

La Source SamaritaineLa Source SamaritaineLa Source SamaritaineLa Source Samaritaine

Just for the sake of good food, we went for the Novocado toast (€13), namely some avocado toast… without avocado – yes, it is better for the planet! Here, a mix of hummus and pesto replaces the green gold, served with raw and marinated vegetables, feta, pickles, fresh herbs, and roasted seeds. Calling all fans of original dupes!

As for desserts, head to the Klein blue counter made of enameled lava stone to see what you want: buckwheat flour brownie, chia pudding with fresh fruits, hazelnut cake, and delicious chocolate cookies (€3.5) 50% based on seeds, to make sur you do not feel guilty.

To pair with cold-squeezed juice by PAF – a brand launched by Source founder – a glass of kombucha or coffee from Parisian roastery Coutume, before tackling La Samaritaine aisles.

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Starts 29 July 2021



    19 Rue de la Monnaie
    75001 Paris 1

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