L’Envolée, the restaurant in the heart of 5-star hotel La Demeure Montaigne’s winter garden

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 2 February 2022 at 12h05
Set in 5-star hotel La Demeure Montaigne’s winter garden, the L’Envolée restaurant shines a light on French classicism with wonderful produces from the French territory.

Newcomer in the Parisian Golden Triangle, 5-star hotel La Demeure Montaigne opened at the end of last year, encouraged by group Frontenac. Still confidential venue, the La Demeure Montaigne has got for clients looking for a tasty meal and passing foodies a bistronomic restaurant, L'Envolée.

In the heart of the hotel, the restaurant settled in a bright and warm winter garden, bathed with daylight thanks to the big glass roof and nicely heated by a fireplace. Running the kitchen, chef Grégory Réjou, who worked at the Vieille Fontaine, the Plaza Athénée and the Lasserre, serving a short menu, seasonal cuisine shining a light on beautiful produces from short systems and small French producers.

L'Envolée - Demeure MontaigneL'Envolée - Demeure MontaigneL'Envolée - Demeure MontaigneL'Envolée - Demeure Montaigne

On the menu, dishes paying tribute to French classicism through the plurality of terroirs, wonderfully completed. Proof of it with the pâté en croute, a French cuisine timeless classic changing with the seasons and the chef’s inspiration: surf or turf-inspired, vegetarian… Favorite dish of chef Grégory Réjou, the pâté en croute has a special place on the menu of the L’Envolée; and the current pâté en croute based on free-range Racan pigeon (€21) is perfectly made. Served with citrus fruit caviar and fingered citron condiment, the Breton seabream carpaccio (€18) is likely to arouse your taste buds.

As for main courses, the chef shines a light on French game, because this is hunting season, with pepper roasted roebuck back (€39) served with winter vegetables and fruits in several ways; as well as French fishing with the wild Breton seabass goujonnette (€37), pumpkin, chestnut and Grenobloise sauce. You get it, French terroir has a bright future ahead thanks to L'Envolée.

L'Envolée - Demeure MontaigneL'Envolée - Demeure MontaigneL'Envolée - Demeure MontaigneL'Envolée - Demeure Montaigne

As for desserts, the La Demeure Montaigne restaurant called in Meilleur Ouvrier de France chef Arnaud Larher who signs two desserts, one inspired by chocolate, the other being his famous rum baba. And yet, we decided to trust chef Grégory Réjou who serves two fresh and fruity desserts: organic clementine candied with vanilla, long pepper sorbet (€15) on one hand, and poached pear, Tonka bean crémeux, pear sorbet (€15) on the other hand.

A lovely confidential venue to discover in the Golden Triangle.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 February 2022



    18 Rue Clément Marot
    75008 Paris 8

    Formule déjeuner: €49
    Menu en 6 services: €120

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