Oxymore, the pizzeria with tasty French produces

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 5 March 2022 at 15h08
We wondered why such an enthusiasm about Oxymore, and then, when putting it on the test, we got it: pizzas are based on tasty French produces and are simply exquisite.

This is the crowd of enticed foodies rushing every day to Oxymore that made us want to go and discover what is hiding behind this beautiful façade set rue Saint-Maur, with a large glass alcove and a small terrace heated in the winter and bathed with light on sunny days.

No surprise then to see people running daily, the premise of this pizzeria is original and echoes in us: serving pizzas made with the best French ingredients, whether it comes to cheese, tasty cold cuts sliced to order, spices, fresh herbs and spices.

The menu actually lists wonderful produces: Prince de Paris white ham – very hard to be more local than that – PDO fourme d’Ambert cheese, smoked pork from Jura, dried ham from Savoie aged for 18 months, dry sausage from Béarn with Espelette pepper, smoked Savoie cheese, sheep brousse, dried meat of beef from the Alps, and of course, olives and olive oil from Provence.


The tomato sauce is made in France, created in Provence, so are flours and yeast used to make the pizza dough. The latter being light and easy to digest, as crunchy as can be, far from being soggy as it sometimes (often?) happens with Neapolitan pizzas.

Named after famous French women, Oxymore pizzas are less fleshy and risen than Neapolitan pizzas, and we like it, we often wonder what to do with the remaining dough that has no stuffing, once at the end of the slice. Why looking further: these are French pizzas, as simply as that.


That lunch, we fell for the pizza Raymonde (€15) based on crème fraiche from Isigny and fresh tomme cheese, smoked sausage from Montbéliard, sheep brousse, artichoke, pistachio pesto and basil leaves. Absolutely delightful, the pizza holds well, and does not spill everywhere, and it tastes flavorsome.

We also went for the pizza Jeannette (€15) with smoked pork from Jura, PDO fourme d’Ambert cheese, mushrooms, sliced pear and walnuts, for a wonderful sweet-savory pairing, very subtle. More pizzas are based on mushroom cream, to keep things interesting, while a small selection of them is vegetarian.


To toast, cocktails – named after men that could be found in the maquis – are to be enjoyed for lunch and dinner, so are wines some of them being organic. We went for the Maurice Mule (€9) based on vodka, ginger syrup, lime juice and ginger beer, before moving on to a light dessert to finish this heavy meal, some rosemary, honey and almond cream (€6) that looks like a panna cotta and included in the €15-lunch menu.

We understand the enthusiast for Oxymore better, as they also have another location in the 9th arrondissement: it is just very tasty.
Reservation (more than) recommended!

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Starts 3 March 2022



    60 Rue Saint-Maur
    75011 Paris 11

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