Sonny’s Deli, genuine New-York sandwiches in Paris

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 2 June 2022 at 13h03
Foodporn alert! Sonny’s Deli is opening so you can indulge yourselves to genuine New York style sandwiches! Heart stopping!

This is our seasonal heart-stopping street food favoriteSonny’s Deli recently opened across Sonny’s Pizza. After delighting the 11th arrondissement with hearty pizzas, the two founders, Bryan Azzouzi and Jonathan Monteix, are back with a 100% foodporn project shining a light on New York delicatessen’s greatest classics.

No French or modernized deli with clean and gourmet recipes: at Sonny’s Deli, you are sure to enjoy genuine indulging and very, very hearty recipes you could find in NYC. Italo-American cuisine is served in five staple recipes of sandwiches based on thoroughly sourced produces.

Sonny's DeliSonny's DeliSonny's DeliSonny's Deli

To do so, the two friends used all their Air France Miles and completed lots of round trips between Paris and New York to find the best addresses to draw inspiration from – Milano Market, Reginas Grocery, Fedorff, Industry Brooklyn, and more. As for bread – the major ingredient for a tasty sandwich – they called in Bread Shop to come up with the perfect loaf of bread: brioche and light, not too sweet and not too heavy.

Among the head-spinning recipes, let us name the iconic Meatballs sandwich (€12), with juicy meatballs based on a mix of veal and beef, uplifted with turmeric and cilantro; homemade thick and flavorsome tomato sauce with a nice taste of parmigiano; as well as the Carmine sandwich (€12), a cold Italo-American sandwich with layers of turkey and bresaola, olive oil-marinated bell peppers and big pieces of mozzarella fior di latte.

Sonny's DeliSonny's DeliSonny's DeliSonny's Deli

But the most heart-stopping sandwich – that we enjoyed again after the day we came – is undoubtedly the Chopped Cheese sandwich (€12) that could frightens a lot of people given the amount of minced meat, gooey American cheese and big pieces of onions and red bell peppers. But trust us, this was our best street food discovery in a while, and it is so hearty you will get your money’s worth.

To accompany this royal feast, get a pint of iced tea or lemonade or a mix of both – the famous Arnold Palmer, a very famous drink in the U.S. – or one of the 3 cocktails named after the 3 characters from Scorcese’s Casino movie by Ahmed Yahi aka Mido – cofounded of the Café Moderne cocktail bar and close friend of the Sonny’s team.

Sonny's DeliSonny's DeliSonny's DeliSonny's Deli

And for those who have a little bit of room left at the end of the meal, Sonny's Deli stays in the Italo-American classic with their version of the cannolo in three recipes – Stracciatella and chocolate chips, mascarpone and lime/yellow lemon, and vanilla-pistachio mascarpone – as well as an original dessert: a regressive sundae twisted with a dollop of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt; very delightful.

A fabulous location for everyone in love with New York street food!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 2 June 2022



    4 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi
    75011 Paris 11

    Desserts: €4.5
    Sandwiches: €10 - €12
    Cocktails: €10 - €12

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