étsi l’ouzeri, Greek street food by Mikaela Liaroutsos

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 3 June 2022 at 00h03
After étsi le bistro, French-Greek chef Mikaela Liaroutsos recently opened a Greek eatery shining a light on Greek street food and mezzes to share.

Five years and a half after opening their first restaurant étsi le bistro where she served the best of Greek cuisine a gourmet way, chef Mikaela Liaroutsos returns with a new location inspired by the Cyclades street foodétsi l’ouzeri.

700 small meters are set between the first restaurant and the Greek tavern of a new genre, where beautiful produces are expressed in a raw fashion or through traditional simple recipes, but always authentic. Inside, blue bench seats, a long concrete counter and exposed stones take us by the Aegean Sea.

étsi l'ouzeriétsi l'ouzeriétsi l'ouzeriétsi l'ouzeri

Friendly, the place is all about sharing with a selection of mezzes: hearty squid salad uplifted with fresh herbs, Greek salad with tomatoes, bell peppers and feta (€9), fried saganaki cheese, hearty plate of fried squids (€9), oregano fries, spanakopitakia… What a journey for taste buds!

To pair these mezzes, get some Greek wine, draft beer served by the pitcher for the whole table, a glass of ouzo to choose among the restaurant’s beautiful selection, or the signature cocktail based on Greek alcohols such as the Live your Greek Myth (masticha, retsina, otto Athens Vermouth; €10), or the Negroni etsi (gin votanikon, otto Athens Vermouth; €10).

étsi l'ouzeriétsi l'ouzeriétsi l'ouzeriétsi l'ouzeri

As for mains, the French-Greek chef has chosen to revisit the traditional souvlaki with merida, toasted pita bread to cover with meat marinated for hours and cooked on a spit. On the menu the day we came, merida with two beautiful skewers of smooth chicken (€16), vegetarian merida (€16) with lots of cherry tomatoes and roasted mushrooms, and some merida loukaniko (€14) with pieces of grilled pork sausages.

A great discovery!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 2 June 2022



    41 Rue du Ruisseau
    75018 Paris 18

    Mezzes: €6 - €9
    Merida: €14

    Official website

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