Bonhomme, local bistronomy, friendly table and childhood memories

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 29 July 2022 at 22h46
Three friends, two affordable menus, an inspired chef, this is Bonhomme’s winning combo, a new bistronomic eatery in the Poissonnière area.

Bonhomme is the outcome of a friendship, three friends: Maxime Piasek, Marc Faraggi and Thibaut Couvrecelle, gathered in this new bistro in Paris 10th arrondissement, after working for years in the financial world. Puffed up with the love of good food, the three friends made the most of their skills – Maxime was trained at Ducasse, Marc now has a professional cooking qualification and Thibaut graduated in oenology – to open a place like them.

To work at the stoves, the trio hires chef Matthieu Charriaud – trained at Le Meurice and Le Richer – and after three months of renovations, Bonhomme opened in the Faubourg Poissonnière, in late May. Both a local restaurant and a friendly bistro, Bonhomme shines a light on beautiful Île-de-France and French produces. Here, food is local and from short delivery systems.


To do so, the three men have decided to hit the roads of France before opening their bistro, meeting producers, winemakers, farmers and vegetable gardeners. Bourgogne, Loire, Alsace, Rhone and Bordeaux… They came back with the best produces and the best wines in the French terroir. For at Bonhomme, wine is very important.

Between natural and biodynamic gem and incredible bottles, the wine list includes most French vintages. Furthermore, you can keep on tasting these beverages on the upper floor where hides a wine cellar, behind a velvet curtain, and where are held thorough tasting sessions for regulars.


Bonhomme’s cuisine can be enjoyed on the small terrace by the eatery, or inside of the restaurant with exposed stones, old-fashion mirrors, pastel chairs and design lamps. At lunch, the place serves affordable meal menus: €22 including starter/main or main/dessert, €27 including starter/main/dessert, to choose among two starters, two mains and two desserts of the day, changing every day for main courses, and weekly for starters and desserts.

At night, the menu is wider and includes propositions tried and approved by lunch foodies and definitely have a place of choice on the more gourmet menu, along with tapas to share – cheeses from Monbleu, cold cuts and terrines.


At Bonhomme, the menu falls into line with simple but effective dishes, very comforting and worked brilliantly, and some even remind us of our childhood. From the open-plan kitchen come some heirloom tomato carpaccio – really tasting like tomato – sliced roast beef and béarnaise sauce, a surprising pasta risotto and sliced zucchinis; or some hearty roasted lamb’s saddle with caramelized and crunchy panoufle (the skin inside the belly), a great discovery served with kale chips, mashed fennel, onion and shallot.

As for dessert, we choose not to choose, and therefore got the cantaloupe soup with mint to have something fresh; the light basil and peach cheesecake, and the very hearty dessert of the day based on cherries, caramelized pistachios and white chocolate crémeux.


A bistronomic place likely to be the talk of the district.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 26 July 2022



    58 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
    75010 Paris 10

    Official website


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