L'Eclair de Génie, in Paris By Christophe Adam

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Published by My B. · Published on 21 December 2012 at 19h10 · Updated on 6 February 2014 at 14h42
L'Eclair de Génie, Christophe Adam's pastry shop, dedicated entirely to éclairs and truffles, opened its doors in Paris. Care to have a look around this boutique, with us ? You'll love it (and you'll worship it once you've tasted the pastries).

L'Eclair de Génie (it's a pun: literally "a genius' éclair" and "a flash of genius") is a new generation pastry shop, hype and modern, open just a few days ago in the rue Pavée in the Marais. A fairly unique shop since it is one of the few devoted exclusively to éclairs and chocolate truffle.

But don't be mistaken: it's not just any éclair or any truffles. Christophe Adam, former creative director at Fauchon reveals a fabulous collection of diverse and varied creations. In just 10 years, at Fauchon, he actually redefined the whole concept of the éclair, practically bringing it back to life, thanks to his creations, as beautiful as they are delicious.

Without a glimpse of hesitation, Christophe Adam made the éclair, the star of his brand new parisian pastry shop. After opening l'Adam's, first in Bercy Village then rue Casanova, in the 1st arrondissement, patisserie's leading name keeps going. When we tried the Eclair de Génie, we discovered 12 different éclairs! Several will become classics, others will make an appearance depending on the season, the mood. The Père Noël (Father Christmas) éclair, made of sparkling milk is the current big hit, but get ready for 2 future stars: the éclair Saint-Valentin (Valentine's day éclair) and the éclair Gaypride.

And because today's pâtissiers (pastry cooks) show their genius through visual creation, Christophe Adam will soon be offering éclairs around the theme of art. Shall we take bets: will he go for éclairs inspired by Mondrian, Picasso or Mona Lisa ? Wait and see.

L'Eclair de génie rose bonbonAmong the current bestsellers, you will find the éclairs with vanilla pecans, with coffee (as you would expect), with salted butter caramel and the Rose bonbon (candy pink) with a scent of rose and marshmallows, amongst others.

If you're in an adventurous mood, you might want to try one of these three éclairs: the milk chocolate-mango-banana, the Citron Yuzu (Yuzu lemon) -with a sort of lemon tart taste, or the now-classic pistachio-orange.

Let's have a look at the chocolates, which for the holidays are adorned with a pretty sparkly dressl'éclair de génie, truffes, with flavors fairly similar to those you will find in the éclairs. For instance, you can find orange and pistachio truffles, soft Yuzu caramel and praline. The boxes are truly pretty and a wonderful gift to offer.

On the creative side, everything is made on site, with precision and thoroughness. Pistachio, as well as praline are homemade. Christophe Adam strives to use French (whenever possible) quality products. Don't tell anyone, but the amazing caramel éclairs on display are made from a special butter that his mother buys herself to a small producer. Thanks mom: they are delicious!

Whilst tasting the éclairs, let's admit it, we practically fell in love with several.
The vanilla pecan éclairis a killer. We love the "not too sugary" aspect, as well as the lightness of the cream that allows for the perfume of the true Madagascar vanilla (with vanilla seeds to prove its origine) tp reveal itself.
As for the orange-pistachio éclair, it's basicallly a breath of fresh air. The salted butter caramel has a stronger taste, but those of us who were properly prepared loved it.

In short, a place worth trying. Enjoy!

Practical information:
Official website: L'Eclair de Génie
14, rue pavée - 75004 Paris
Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 19:30 (7.30 p.m)
Price: between € 4.50 and € 5 the éclair
Box of 15 truffles: 21€, 30 truffles: 42€
Box of 16 truffles: 29€, 25 truffles: 45€

Practical information


14 Rue Pavée
75004 Paris 4

Métro Saint Paul

More informations
Du mardi au dimanche, de 10h00 à 19h30

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