Valentine’s Day 2020 at Wagon Bleu

Published by Manon C. · Updated on 31 January 2020 at 15h58 · Published on 20 January 2020 at 17h23
For Valentine’s Day 2020, let’s travel back in time and join the Orient Express for a night. At Wagon Bleu, the last car of the famous train in Paris, let’s enjoy a lovely dinner above the Saint-Lazare station!

In the original restaurant category, the Wagon Bleu restaurant has us travel back in time to find ourselves aboard the famous Orient Express.

Every year, this atypical restaurant invites you for Valentine’s Day aboard its Orient Express car filled with history dating all the way back to 1925, and where you can enjoy French bistro cooking with a Corsican twist…

Valentine’s Day 2020

Glass of Champagne Mumm Rosé

Duck foie gras toast with Cap Corse Mattei and fig and onion confit


Salmon and scallop tartares with fresh herbs and lime zests
& glass of white wine cuvée Alfieri Polidori du Domaine San Micheli, AOC Corse Sartène


Seabass fillet roasted with citrus fruit butter, leeks and morels
& glass of white wine Domaine de la Punta, AOC Corse


Duckling breast, grand veneur sauce
Potato and truffle oil gratin, bacon pear
& glass of red wine cuvée Vignola du Domaine Renucci, AOC Corse Calvi


Chocolate lava cake, tangerine coulis from Jardins d’Alesani
Chestnut ice cream

All aboard!

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Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
On 14 February 2020



    7, rue Boursault
    75017 Paris 17


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