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Shangri-La 100% green dinners, delicious vegetarian dinners

Published on 30 October 2017 By Candice L.
Le Shangri-La lance les dîners 100% green

Practical information

On 2 November 2017

10 Avenue d'Iéna
75116 Paris 16

108 euros (Accords mets et thés)
118 euros (Accords mets et vins)
78 euros (Le menu hors boissons)

Tous les 1ers jeudi du mois
Prochain dîner le 2 novembre 2017

From now on, one of Shangri-La Hotel restaurants, La Bauhinia, launches a 100% green dinner around vegetables on every first Thursday of the month. Executive chef Christophe Moret puts the best of the kitchen garden in your plate. Truck farmer stall, live DJ and other surprises are provided… The next dinner will be held on Thursday November 2, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

Each first Thursday of the month, Shangri-La Hotel La Bauhinia organizes a 100% green menu highlighting vegetables. Nature-inspired atmosphere, waiters dressed in jeans and checkered shirts, rhythmic music, the place completely changes in comparison of what it usually looks like to offer a different and stimulating evening.

Dîners 100% green du Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Throughout the evening, executive chef Christophe Moret offers you a true culinary work of art around the kitchen garden. We need to say he knows his trade well since he is the grandson of a truck farmer. He happily works and enhances vegetables according to seasons and in respect of freshness, transparency and ethic.

He wants to show us that we can enjoy a meal by only eating vegetable. Each month, he provides a new menu created according to the seasonal vegetables. His creations are surprising such as the Bloody Mary based on tomatoes or the watermelon spring rolls filled with soup herbs, kasha and green vegetables cooked casserole with almond milk, turnips, beetroots (cooked in wooden fire) and tofu served in beautiful ravioli (and borscht vinaigrette) to end with strawberry tasting like a sangria and a coco-lime sorbet…

Dîners 100% green du Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Dîners 100% green du Shangri-La Hotel Paris

To go along with this green dinner, you can count on the wise advice of the very attentive sommelier chef. For this dinner, he favors wines aged in biodynamic agriculture and offers to end your meal with a fair trade, non-roast and hand-harvested tea, coffee or hot chocolate. If you like cocktails, the menu gives pride of place to vegetables with cucumber, kale, celery and ginger juice. Perfect to get loads of energy!

Dîners 100% green du Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Since Shangri-La gets to the bottom of the concept, every first Thursday of the month, it invites the producers that supply the restaurant. That way, you can meet them and talk about their products, they will also listen to your needs. At each dinner, a truck farmer, a wine grower and a grower will be present.

Dîners 100% green du Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Come each first Thursday of the month for a 100% green dinner in La Bauhinia wonderful setting. The five-course menu costs €78 (excluding drinks). The next dinner will be held on September 7, 2017 and then on each first Thursday of the month.

The two-starred chef, Christophe Moret, will make you discover his vegan creations such as the wild mushrooms carnaroli risotto and the delicious roasted Caromb black figs flavored with maple scents.

On this occasion, truck farmers Thierry and Elise Riant, whose products truly inspired chef Moret, will set up a beautiful stall displaying vegetables and herbs from their farming in Carrières-sur-Seine.

You can also enjoy the selection of wines aged in biodynamic agriculture set up by sommelier chef Matthias Meynard.

100% Green Dinner

Thursday November 2, 2017 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
€78 excluding drinks
€108 including tea pairing
€118 including wine pairing

Thai salad with mango, papaya and chilis

Gewurtztraminer Grand Cru Zinnkoepfle - domaine A. Bursin 2015

Dombagastalawa Garden
Black tea scented with mango


Cooked/Raw beetroots and turnips from Carrières-sur-Seine
Bortsh soup

Black rice risotto cooked in a casserole
Scented with pumpkin and butternut, puffed rice tuile

Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits - Domaine D. Duband 2015

Uda Watte
Astringent and fresh black tea scented with subtle hazlenut flavors


Romertopf of pippin apples and quinces
Ginger infused caramel, quince and vanilla sorbet

Muscat Beaumes de Venise - Domaine des Bernardins 2015

Rilhena Garden

Practical information:
Shangri-La launches 100% Green dinners
La Bauhinia
10, avenue d’Iéna – 75116 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 53 67 19 98
Next dinner on November 2, 2017 then every first Thursday of the month
Five-course meal excluding drinks: €78
Wine pairing: €118
Tea pairing: €108

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