Top tapas bar in Paris

Who says sunny weather says we feel less hungry. We enjoy nibbling on small things, but in limited quantity. This explains why tapas are perfect for this time of the year. We’ve selected you some places where to enjoy them with your eyes closed.

With sunny days upon us, we switch to Spanish time and tapas mode, to nibble on at anytime of the day, with a small glass.
We’ve found some original and friendly addresses to go and enjoy tapas with your family or friends.

La Cantine du 18
If you crave some French tapas, rush to this new tapas bar. Indeed, here you can enjoy zucchini cream, beef chunk, chimichurri sauce, gravlax salmon and guacamole, cured ham and pickles…
Looks like French gastronomy but in small portion version.

Lucien La Chance
Always in a French spirit, Lucien La Chance offers you to come and enjoy delicious tapas and many of them are inspired by the south-west of France and served along a nice wine list.

Within walking distance from Place de Clichy, Biotiful reminds us of small Spanish bars. Wooden tables and long bar… The atmosphere is friendly and lively.

Le Bat
Let’s seat along the bar and watch the cooks carefully preparing delicious gourmet tapas.

Wim à Table
Don’t hesitate to go and discover the gastronomy of this bar offered by a very talented Belgian chef: Wim Van Gorp. Dishes served in small portions like tapas, it’s original and delicious!

L’Antre Potes
Natural wine bar and cold or hot tapas are on the menu of this friendly place where we come to eat around standing tables.

Petit Léon
Inspired by Iberian and French cuisine but in a modern version, tapas are worked with fresh and local ingredients. By the plate or self-service on the counter, you’re in the Spanish mood.

Feel like travelling to Brazil? Head to Boteco to enjoy a cachaça served with Brazilian specialties such as the irresistible picanha or the grilled crab with coconut milk.

Le Bar de Biondi
We stay in exoticism with this address offering us a one-way ticket to Argentina! On the menu, empanadas, of course that we wash down with a small glass of Pisco.

The Cod House
Like Japanese Izakaya bars, The Cod House offers you to discover French-Japanese tapas. This is how you can taste the burrata revisited with soy sauce and yuzu or the famous Californian onigiris.

In a décor like at school, let’s enjoy delicious tapas tasting like a regressive moment. On the menu, magic wands (finger food made of confit duck), dragon balls (cheese fritters) and “Home on the Range”-inspired open sandwich (chicken and the Laughing Cow cheese).

Jesus Maria
Jesus Maria is the new French-Mexican restaurant near Pigalle. We enjoy dishes to share with friends like Mexican tapas: pork belly, beef chunk, foie gras tacos, ceviche and guacamole off course!

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 16 August 2019

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