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Baieta : cuisine gastronomique aux saveurs méditerranéennes

Baieta: gastronomic cuisine with Mediterranean twists

Two years after being elected youngest starred chef in France, Julia Sedefdjian stands on her own two feet by opening a gourmet restaurant with Mediterranean twists in Paris 5th arrondissement. Flavors and conviviality are the watchwords for our greatest pleasure.
L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

L’Inédit, Kevin Kowal’s new restaurant

After working at Taillevent and being the chef at Champeaux by Maison Ducasse, Kevin Kowal takes over L’Inédit, the famous chic and cozy restaurant in Pringy. He reveals a fresh, gourmet and creative cuisine so that you can keep things interesting while enjoying yourself in the French countryside.
Le Collectionneur, restaurant-terrasse à Paris, les photos

Le Collectionneur, the terrace-restaurant unveils its charms

Le Collectionneur, here’s the name of Hotel du Collectionneur brand-new restaurant so that you can have a good time. A design and light décor, space, a patio as well as welcoming and green terraces, without forgetting a fresh and creative cuisine expect you there.
Le Belleval, photos du restaurant !

Le Belleval, healthy and cheap restaurant at Saint-Lazare

Le Belleval is Saint-Lazare new canteen. Open a month ago, the restaurant is full every day at lunchtime. It’s simple, the whole neighborhood adopted it. Why? This healthy restaurant has delicious dishes for €14 max!
Felicità, le restaurant XXL de Station F by Big Mamma, les photos

La Felicità: Big Mamma XXL restaurant in Paris Station F

Big Mamma keeps on increasing with a new address that is even bigger, more beautiful and impressive than the previous ones! Entitled La Felicità, this huge Italian restaurant x food-market has opened on May 25, 2018 within Station F in Paris 13th arrondissement. 4,5000-sqm including 1000s-qm of sunny terrace, 3 bars, 5 kitchens, a cafeteria open 24h a day… talk about crazy!
Les Belles Plantes restaurant-café - entrée

Les Belles Plantes, the Jardin des Plantes terrace-restaurant

Les Belles Plantes, here’s the name of the brand-new café-brasserie of the Jardin des Plantes. Two charming green terraces with a chic and bucolic décor, boards to share and a fresh and delicious cuisine, it’s the best at any time of the day.
Foucade Paris

Foucade Paris: the first “positive pastry store” opens in Paris

Since this December 2, 2015, foodies can go in Paris 1st arrondissement to discover the very first Foucade Paris store!
Petit-déjeuner Five Guys Garde du Nord

Five Guys come to Paris Gare du Nord with breakfast

Five Guys keeps on taking over Paris. The American burger brand opened a new restaurant at the Gare du Nord. And there’s something new for this address: it’s the first one of the brand in France to offer breakfasts!
Bib & Guss, la brasserie by Ducasse à tester à La Défense

Bib & Guss, the Brasserie by Ducasse in La Défense

Here’s an address you should try in La Défense. Bib & Guss, the latest born in the Ducasse family is a true friendly brasserie open non-stop from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.! At Bib & Guss, you can come to eat and drink at any time of the day and even make an appointment thanks to the private lounge. Cuisine without fuss, affordable prices and perfect welcome.
Restaurant PanSoul Paris

Pansoul in Paris: Surprize new restaurant at the Concrète

Agence Surprize is in every mouth but this time, with a restaurant! Entitled PanSoul, this new gourmet address is to be discovered on the famous boat of the Concrète moored at Quai de la Râpée in Paris.
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