Halloween 2017 at Parc Astérix

Fear is back at Parc Astérix. For Halloween 2017, you’re expected from October 14 to November 5, 2017. This year, 4 exciting late-night openings await the bravest visitors. Get your best costumes, it’s time to look incredibly terrifying!

For Halloween at Parc Astérix, evil beings, phantoms and monsters except you again from October 14 to November 5, 2017. Thrilling, scary and mysterious, the famous park turns into a haunted and harrowing village and rumor has it that this year, we’ll catch hell! Thrill-lovers take note!

For the ninth year in a row, All Saints rhymes with thrills at Parc Astérix. For a family day or during one of the four nights of Horror, Pharaohs ghosts and millennium spirits will make you shiver in fear. With your family or friends, you won’t leave unharmed: guaranteed thrills and cold sweat for the boldest visitors! During All Saints, the Grim Reaper hangs around Parc Asterix, laughing and biting!

Program of the edition 2017 of “Peur sur le Parc” [Fear on the Park]: (updated program coming soon)

  • 4 terrifying late-night openings on October 28, 29, 30 and 31 from 6 p.m. to midnight
    This year, not less than 4 exceptional late-night openings punctuated by a wonderful firework. For these openings, you will shiver, of course, but also be mesmerized in front of the light and sound show. Jink between monsters of the Viking drakker and run to the lake for the firework let off at 11:30 p.m.

Halloween au Parc Astérix 2016

  • Metamorphosis, the new terrifying show
    New year, new show and a terrifying one. So terrifying that you must have guts to go and discover the transformation of man to beast.

Halloween au Parc Astérix 2016

  • Magna Maleficus: a magic show to make your hair dress
    Head to the Théâtre de Panoramix to discover the magic show named “Magna Maleficus”. 4 performances per day will enable you to meet an alarming, bewitching character from father to sons who will make succumb to his hypnotizing powers… Enchantments or curse, it’s up to him!
  • 3 haunted houses
    Will you dare set foot in these 3 houses?
    • Halloween au Parc Astérix 2014La Maison de la Peur [The House of Fear] (not recommended for under 16s)
      Not scared? We’ll talk about it after, okay? This initiatory journey among vampires, living-dead and other scary creatures is for lovers of (horribly) strong thrills: not suitable for young children and those of a sensitive disposition!
    • La Colère d’Anubis [Anubis’ Wrath]
      At the Musée du Havre, the inventory of an ancient Egypt collection freed some very unhappy ghosts. Enter the place at your own risk but keep alert… Avoid arousing Anubis’ Wrath at all costs! 
    • Mission Perdue [Lost Mission] – 3D experience
      Leave for an expedition to the stars in search of a crew lost on a strange planet. A close encounter of the 3rd kind.
  • Astounding street performances  Peur sur le parc, Halloween au Parc Astérix
    A strange curse has descended upon the Old Paris. Ghosts, witches and evil spirits are gathering… Be aware of bad encounters! Streets are haunted by worrying characters, odd creatures and all kinds of huge beasts. The crossing won’t be a quiet one… Welcome to the freak show! Arachnophobes, go on your way. Zombie and Thriller fans, move that way! And if you survive the enraged beast in its cage, you’ll be lucky…

  • Bewitched attractions
    Some dreadful witches cast a spell upon 4 attractions of Parc Astérix for All Saints:
    • Le Transdemonium: ghosts and spirits roam the hallways to tease the boldest visitors. Watch out!
    • Le Chemin des Sorciers [Witches’ and Wizards' trail]: because of a horrible curse, the Nationale 7 is out of control and takes you aboard one of those old cars for an evil trip full of pitfalls, wizards and pumpkins. Peur sur le parc, Halloween au Parc Astérix
    • Les Chaudrons Infernaux [Diabolical Cauldrons]: the cauldrons bubble but you’re not alone! Specters twist and twirl with you in the darkness… 
    • A world of plant creatures for the youngest visitors
      Head to the Forêt d’Idéfix to stride along a trail looking like a living garden. Plants reign over the kingdom of children through plant creatures better than the real thing.

Come on, to motivate us, let’s watch some scary ads:

In other words, for a very peculiar atmosphere, to try rides such as Oziris, Discobelix or the brand-new Pégase-Express at night-time for even more thrills or to please your kids, there’s nothing worthy of Peur sur le Parc. So, hurry up and buy tickets so that you don’t miss an opportunity to get goose pimples at Parc Astérix!

Halloween au Parc Astérix 2016

Practical information:
Peur sur le Parc: Halloween 2017 at Parc Astérix
From October 14 to November 5, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (excluding on the late-night openings)

Prices: online ticket: €41/adult and €38/child (from 3 to 11)
Late-night openings on October 28, 29, 30 and 31: opening from 6 p.m. to midnight – unique rate upcoming

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Last updated on 23 October 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 14 October 2017 to 5 November 2017



    Parc Astérix
    60128 Plailly

    enfants: 36 €
    nocturnes: 38 €
    adultes: 39 €

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