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Gay Pride 2016, LGBT Pride March in Paris

Publié le 18 March 2017 Par Caroline J.
Gay Pride 2011 à Paris

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This year, Gay Pride will be held in Paris on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016. Celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, the parade, now called the LGBT Pride March, will run from Montparnasse to Place de la Bastille.

Every year, the festive and powerful Gay Pride parade, now called the LGBT Pride March, puts on this national event to combat homophobia and to advocate pride in being homosexual, bisexual or transexual.

Created in 2001, more than 1 million people gather each year in the streets of Paris for the event. LGBT Pride events are one of a kind; you have to see it at least once to understand what all the buzz is about. It’s a huge party with a loud statement and one simple goal: earning equality and respect.

The parade is the perfect occasion for LGBT bars, clubs, radio stations and associations to spread their message, through colorful floats and loud music, leaflets and other displays.

Many large French companies, both in the private and the public sector, also have floats in the parade, to celebrate the equality and expression rights in the workplace.

The same stands for major political parties. Dancing, singing, waving rainbow flags high and dressed to impress, the crowds join the floats in the procession throughout the parade. The LGBT March is put on by about 60 different organizations and their donors, that ensure the organization of the entire operation.

La Gay Pride 2015

This year, the parade’s motto is “Trans people’s rights are in crisis! Stop the forced sterilizations, assaults and lack of security!” Inter-LGBT wanted to honor the trans flag, putting it on the poster next to the LGBT flag. The LGBT Pride march denounces politicians’ failure to act against serious violations of fundamental rights of which trans people are the victims.

The route for the 2016 LGBT Pride in Paris:

This year, the LGBT Pride will start on Saturday July 2nd at 2pm at Montparnasse, headed towards the Place de La Bastille, where a concert event with DJ sets has been organized, from 4pm-9pm.

Useful Information:
LGBT March 2016 in Paris

Saturday July 25th, 2016
The Parade starts at 2pm at Montparnasse and ends at La Place de La Bastille around 4pm.
Concert stage event from 4pm to 9pm.

Show open to the general public.

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