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Victory Escape Game in Paris

Publié le 3 August 2015 Par Elodie D.
Victory escape game

Infos pratiques

21 Rue de la Victoire
75009 Paris 9

M°7 - Le Peletier

20-27 euros (tarif par personne, heure creuse)
24-32 euros (tarif par personne, heure pleine)

Horaires : 10h-23h tous les jours

Victory Escape Game is one of the newly arrived adventure games in Paris. Located in the historic Opera district, this game brings groups of friends, colleagues or families to 4 different worlds, for 4 different adventures.

We’ve said it before, escape games are a great way for friends to have fun together and try something new. The idea is this: groups of friends or loved ones are shut in a room and have 60 minutes to find their way out. Players have to put their heads together and pay attention to some of the smallest details to solve these puzzles, searching high and low for clues, communicating with the rest of team, without phones or devices to disturb them or give any clues to this mystery away.

Victory Escape Game has four different worlds to choose from:

  • The Matrix: You get a message from Neo asking for your help to save the city of Paris. You have one hour to deactivate the matrix.
  • Alert in Volograd: In this mission, you have one hour to save the president of Voldokistan, shut in a bunker with a ticking time bomb.
  • Guinea Pigs at Shutter Island: Leonard, an officer that was investigating a psychiatric hospital, was found dead, and you have one hour to solve the mystery of his death.
  • The Mona Lisa Diamond: A diamond belonging to Mona Lisa is rumoured to exist. You have one hour to unravel the mystery with your team, before the guards at the Louvre come by on patrol.

Useful Information:
Website: Victory escape game
Where: 21 rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris
Hours: 10am-11pm every day
Prices: from 20€  to 32€  per player, depending on the size of the team and and the time of day 

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