CNIT MOVE Opening: Blocbuster Rock Climbing, Escape Game, Fitness and Indoor Golf at La Défense

The CNIT shopping center by 4 Temps is opening the giant recreation space you’ve been waiting for. It’s called CNIT Move, and it’s an over 50,000 ft2 space that’s been transformed into a climbing gym, golf course fitness center and escape game. CNIT Move is now open and awaiting visitors 7 days a week. Each of these spaces has something special to offer, if you aren’t already convinced to check it out!

Did you feel like the La Défense center could use some new activities? Well now you have a lot more to choose from; CNIT Move is the newest hotspot for leisure and fitness activities at Paris La Défense, with rock climbing, golfing, a health and fitness center and even Live Escape Game rooms, all in an over 50,000 ft2 space.

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, athletic or just starting your fitness routine, with colleagues or family, shopping through the mall or on a lunch break - CNIT Move can be your escape.

This combination of activities, as fun as they are active, makes CNIT Move unlike any other activity center. You’re sure to love the golf course, designed for introductory training or practice and the largest of its kind in Europe, as well as the rock climbing gym, where climbers of all different levels can explore a variety of climbing structures and bouldering routes.

The fitness center for well-being offers various personalized tools, advice and techniques to keep in shape. The Live Escape Games give a rush of adrenaline but also emphasize reflection.

The Spaces:

CNIT MOVE, Blocbuster, escape game, fitness et golf indoor à la Défense


Blocbuster, bouldering specialist located in Courbevoie has designed 320 bouldering routes throughout the 13,000 ft2 climbing space. Inspired by the rock climbing style in Fontainebleau, bouldering is a fun and accessible activity practiced on structures of different shapes and forms of up to 15ft high.

The climbing gym has about 40 different “profiles” or “walls” in different forms. Each one is color-coded, with 8 different “blocks” or routes from beginner to advanced levels.

There is no need to master complex techniques or special materials, and even children ages 4 and up can participate. A special zone with lower walls has been designed for children under 8.

The space also includes a slackline to work on concentration and balance (slacklines look like flat tightropes and are used in a similar fashion.) You can also enjoy the large and luxurious sauna to release after working out, or have a delicious snack in the bar.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am-11pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 8am-11pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am-8pm

Daily entrance free for full access until closing: 15€

CNIT MOVE, Blocbuster, escape game, fitness et golf indoor à la Défense

TEAM BREAK Live Escape Game

Escape games are taking the world by storm, and are popping up left and right in Paris. Expanding from their location in the 9th arrondissement, Team Break  is now also at this new complex. And CNIT Move couldn’t be happier to have them, because this is the now the world’s BIGGEST escape game!

Just as a reminder, the Live Escape Game concept takes teams of 2 to 14 players on total-experience adventures, where, trapped in a room together, they must find the way out by solving puzzles and overcoming challenges.

In each escape game world, groups are given a mission, in the theme of their particular scenario, that they must accomplish in less than 60 minutes. Inside the CNIT Move, the Team Break space, with over 12,900ft2, includes 8 escape game rooms and one events room, making it the largest escape game complex in the world.

The missions are set in a series of cinematographic worlds including: 

  • “School of Sorcerers,” inspired by fantasy films
  • “War of the Planets,” inspired by science fiction films
  • “Jurassik,” inspired by adventure films
  • “Once Upon a Time in the West,” inspired by Western films
  • “Serial Killers”: all in custom movie sets designed for TEAM BREAK!

Each room can hold anywhere from 2 to 14 players, which makes it possible for 90 participants to play at one time.

Open 7 days a week, from 10am to midnight

Price: 19€ - 32€ per person

CNIT MOVE, Blocbuster, escape game, fitness et golf indoor à la Défense


The only one of its kind, the Be Better Center is over 37,000 ft2, broken up into two different areas:

  • The largest indoor golf practice course in Europe
    Golfers of any age, from beginner to experienced levels can enjoy this 6,500 ft2 giant putting-green, with 18 holes and modifiable courses. Individual or group courses taught by experienced teachers with 11 practice posts and 3 simulators (+200 legendary courses) and 3D swing analysis, the Be Better Center offers complete golf practice for players of all levels.
  • A New Generation Fitness Center
    Focused on helping people get into shape, the fitness center includes activities like “immersive cycling” (during the cycling session, you’re immersed in a graphic universe on a giant screen that takes you through different landscapes). There are over 30 other activities like pilates, cardio-training and boxing, that both experienced visitors and beginners can practice or try.

Over 100 hours of weekly individual or group coaching are given to help each member along and advise them through their progress. A personalized physical assessment of can also be done by experts (kinesiotherapists, osteopaths, nutrition, sleep and sport coaching specialists…) to create custom programs to manage stress, mood and improve athletics. There is also an elegant and lively sports bar open for afterwork drinks and other events.

Open 7 days a week, from 7:30am to 11pm

So let’s go sweat it out and have a little fun, what do you say?

Useful Information:
Where: Les 4 Temps

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Last updated on 23 November 2015

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