Swimming and Beach Areas in Paris and the Ile-de-France Region

When Paris gets hit with another heatwave, you might want to know where to find beaches and swimming areas in Paris and the region! That’s why Sortiraparis has done the work for you, putting together this list of beaches along lakes, rivers, pools or any other body of water of water where you can cool off and relax in the sun. Bet you didn’t know that Paris could also be your next beach resort destination!

When the sun comes out, we feel like swimming and cooling off by the pool. Here at Sortiraparis, we want to help you find the perfect spot for swimming, tanning, or just cooling off this summer in Paris and the region. 

La baignade gratuite dans le Bassin de la Villette autorisée cet été !Bassin de la Villette
You may not know that but the Bassin de la Villette is the largest artificial lake in Paris and you will soon be allowed to swim… in the basin! After months assessing the water quality, the office of Paris Mayor presented its project to allow a secured swim this summer: 3 basins of different depths will be set within the Bassin de la Villette by the Quai de la Loire to allow Parisians and tourists to swim whilst enjoying a summery atmosphere. The pool will be open from July 17 to September 15, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for free… This is THE place to be this summer! 

Paris Plages
You absolutely can’t miss this summer event, no excuses! Dancing, relaxation, sports and pure leisure will all be part of the 2017 program, from July 8 to September 3!

l'été du canal, l'ourq en fêtel'Eté du Canal 
They’re putting on a summer event called l'Eté du Canal, that will take place all along the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq from July 8 to August 27, 2017. A whole range of festive activities like water magic, boats, dancing, shows, beaches, biking and walks will be part of the program! If a fine sand beach and deck chairs are more your style, try the Plage du Glazart!

Even with the Paris Plages events in town, Aquaboulevard  is still the waterpark of all waterparks in the region. No matter how restless kids are, they won’t have the chance to get bored between the wave machines, giant slides, bubble baths and waterfalls! And now there are special spaces designated for children so that visitors of all ages can make the most of their experience in every space!

Jardin-Plage au Jardin d'AcclimatationIn the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Jardin d’Acclimatation is opening a new beach space this summer called “Jardin-Plage!” Deck chairs, wading pools, water games, water misting and canons create the ultimate space for relaxation and cooling off. So, grab the kids, and head to the Jardin d’Acclimatation and its carousels, petting zoos and park games this summer! 

Don’t forget about all of the pools and solariums that are open during summer! Some pools even have beautiful relaxation areas. If you want to work on your tan and lounge about in the sun and in the water, this is the way to do it!

If you do not feel like swimming but definitely like cooling off, head to Place de la République and its water misters that will help you feel better in a few minutes. Go grab a drink at the Fluctuat Nec Mergitur café! If you are more a “Rive Gauche” (Left bank) person, head to the Parc André Citroën and its numerous water jets, even though you should definitely bring spare garments, it feels so good!

Beaches in the Ile-de-France Region:

Paris beaches are not just limited to the city itself. There are many different beach activities in the Ile-de-France region, so that Parisians can experience a summer break without leaving the region!

Information is updated regularly.

Outdoor activities centers:

base de loisirs du port aux cerises, espace baignade, base de loisirs de draveil, réouverture piscineTo feel like you are at the beach, there is nothing better than outdoor activities centers. There are a lot of them in Ile de France so you can spend a fantastic day by lakes, picnic and sunbathing included. Here is a very pleasant and low-priced solution to listen to the waves, feel the sand between your toes and sunbathe whilst staying close to Paris. Discover now this year’s places and programs.

In Seine-et-Marne (77):

  • Meaux Plage
    From July 8 to August 27, 2017, Meaux Plage is back for children and adults’ greatest pleasure! On the menu: free swimming in the Marne river, animations and open-air cafés for a festive summer. And because the beach and the bathing are free, it would be wrong not to take advantage!

  • Bois-le-Roi
    50 km south of Paris, the Bois-le-Roi outdoor activities center welcomes you for free all year long. Located on the Seine River banks with a direct access to the Fontainebleau, this outdoor activities center and its 73 hectares await you for relaxing, sporting and playful moments. And when we know the admission to the center, the parking lot and the bathing are free, we waste no more time and run there!

In the Yvelines Department (78):

  • Houilles Plage
    This summer, the Charles de Gaulle Park will transform into a giant beach with a whole range of fun activities, including volleyball, beach soccer and rugby, badminton, table tennis, tchoukball and the like. This special beach area, with fine sand, a slip and slide and lounge and deck chairs will be open from June 24 to September 8, 2017!

  • The Festiv’été in Maisons-Lafitte and Le Mesnil-le-Roi
    July 1-23, 2017, the Ile de la Commune welcomes children and adults for an affordable festival (admission at €2), including playful, sporting and cultural activities as well as concerts and introduction to kayaking!

  • Trappes Plage
    From July 4 to August 6, the Jacques-Monquaut pool featuring a sand-covered solarium is open to all. Deckchairs and multiple activities are provided each afternoon for everyone (admission starting from €4.4). 

In the Hauts-de-Seine (92):

  • Clamart Plage
    Free beach next to Camart Plage (from July 18 to August 7) featuring a 450-square-meter pool and numerous animations. Swimming in the pool, practicing a sport in the open-air, kayaking, scuba-diving, eating while enjoying a concert… the 14th edition of Clamart Plage is about to be rich in playful and friendly moments.

  • Clichy Plage
    Clichy Plage is back from July 9 to August 21 providing animations, water games and swimming to please children and adults.

  • Plessis Plage in Plessis Robinson
    From July 9 to August 7, let’s go to the Piscine du Hameau. Sport, fitness, creative workshops, children games and relaxing moments, there will be something for everyone.

  • Les plages et baignades à Paris et en Ile de FranceNanterre Plage
    Gabriel Péri stadium changes its form for the greatest pleasure of children and adults: deckchairs, parasols and idleness are on the menu of this free event held up to August 21.

In the Seine-Saint-Denis Department (93)

  • Bajo Plage, la plage gratuite de BagnoletLa Bajo Plage
    Bagnolet’s free beach is back in the Parc des Sports de la Briqueterie. There will be a water park, leisure areas, workshops and activities for all ages!

In the Val De Marne Department (94)

  • Champigny Plage
    Champigny hosts two full weeks of celebrations with free activities for families and groups of friends, including swimming pools, ropes courses, water games, and more!

  • Boissy Plage 2013 à Boissy-Saint-LégerBoissy Plage
    The town of Boissy-Saint-Légér welcomes the Boissy Plage beach season for the 6th year in row. This year on the lawn at the Marché de la Ferme there will be a variety of fun and active outdoor games for the entire family in this beach area with palm trees, bathing huts and shade sails.

  • Fontenay-sous-Soleil
    Fontenay sous-Bois accueille une plage au stade André-Laurent. Cette année, en plus des activités sportives, des activités aquatiques sont proposées gratuitement aux habitants, après inscription.

In the Val d’Oise Department (95)

  • Festiv’été in Garges lès Gonesse
    Beach volley, beach soccer, inflatable bounce structures, wading pools, VTT, mountain biking, circus acts and creative workshops will all be part of the Garges Plage beach summer event!  

  • Cergy outdoor activities center
    30 km from Paris, in the heart of Cergy-Pontoise, the outdoor activities center in Cergy-Pontoise is a genuine green setting open all year long.

So that’s how you do the beach in Paris!

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Last updated on 6 July 2018

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