Fun: Marcel le Canard, the amphibian bus taking you on a sightseeing tour of Paris on the road and on the water

Published by Laura B. · Published on 17 August 2021 at 11h36
Paris from the Seine or the streets? No need to choose thanks to Marcel le Canard! This amphibian bus – the only one in France – takes you for a tour of Paris first in the streets and then turns into a boat for a small cruise.

Are you always hesitating between a double-deck coach ride or a cruise on the Seine when it comes to visiting Paris? How about not choosing anymore? Thanks to Marcel Le Canard amphibian bus, visiting Paris can be made on the road and on the water. Yes, it can!

Since July 2021, a new bus has been riding across Paris. Blue and white, featuring a prow and high wheels, Marcel Le Canard does not go unnoticed in the streets of the capital city. Marcel Le Canard is an amphibian bus, namely able to drive on the road and sail on the water. The only vehicle of this king approved in France.

Still a project in 2014, Marcel Le Canard was finally created in 2021. It provides 1h45-touristic tours of Paris, guided by comedians. On the menu? The Champ-de-Mars, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Grand Palais, as well as La Défense, the Île Seguin, because it sets sail by the Île Monsieur in Sèvres (92).

After the gourmet buses and the disco buses, here is a new and very original way to visit and make the most of the Frech capital city. So, are you in for a ride with Marcel Le Canard?

Please note the health pass is not required to board Marcel Le Canard.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 13 August 2021


    Enfant jusqu'à 12 ans: €20
    Adulte: €35

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