Fun: own a piece of a Parisian roof!

Published by Graziella L. · Published on 23 August 2021 at 17h38
Have you always dreamt of owning a piece of Paris? This Nantes-based company makes your dream come true by selling pieces of Parisian roofs symbolizing the very identity of the French capital city.

Here is an original Paris souvenir to get! The Toit de Paris company does not offer you to own a small Eiffel Tower but a piece of a zinc Parisian roof!

Paris roofs are part of the very identity of the French capital city. Constance Fichel-Schultz offers lovers of the city to bring home a little piece of a roof, thanks to her innovative and eco-friendly project. Zinc used for Parisian roofs has to be changed every fifty years. She then offers to recycle the material. The company collects the pieces, which are then sent to a production plant in Nantes, where artisans will transform these pieces of Paris and history.

After cleaning and sanding them, the pieces of roofs are silkscreen printed with a map showing where the piece comes from. You can choose to get a piece from your favorite area in town, although they are not all available yet.

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Prices evolve in a range from €49 to €159, depending on the piece selected: a simple fragment, a focus, or a more precise print. Each piece is unique, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity stating where it comes from and when it was first put up. We can gladly imagine what this piece of rooftop has observed over the past decades, from its privileged viewpoint, at the top of Paris.

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€49 - €159

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