Urban Films Festival 2019 at Paris Forum des Halles

Published by Manon C. · Published on 25 September 2019 at 12h29 · Updated on 25 September 2019 at 12h30
From October 7 to 13, 2019, the Urban Films Festival is coming to Paris Forum des Halles. On the menu of this 14th edition: screenings, dance, music, meetings, debates, exchanges, exhibitions, workshops and performances!

This year’s Urban Films Festival jury (chaired by comedian Jamel Debbouze) received over 500 short-movies, directed by movie fans from all over the world. Their only common denominator is that they all take place in the street, with klaxons in the background.

The ten jury members selected 35 movies belonging to very different genres (documentary, fiction, animation, performance,…) and coming from all over the world (Rio, Montreal, Nouméa, Beirut…).

To see them, there’s nothing simpler: come to the Forum des Halles from October 7 to 13, 2019. All screenings are free of charge.

But first of all, the program has a few surprises in stores: such as a movie soundtrack concert, hip-hop dance, sporting and participative performances about action movie, photo and street art exhibitions, meetings, exchanges and debates with professional of the industry, workshops and entertainments for children and adults...  

And this year, the Urban Films Festival takes over several cultural venues in Paris. Here's all you need to know!

Detailed program:

Exclusive nights

  • October 11 at La Place: Urban Films Festival opening night with the premiere of web-series “Lost in Transplanta” (Arte) with the movie team + dance show + private cocktail with DJ Set
  • October 12 at the Forum des Images: exclusive premier of Netflix France movie “Banlieusards” with the movie team
  • October 13 at the UGC Ciné-Cité des Halles: Urban Films Festival 2019 award ceremony with Jamel Debbouze

Movie screenings – out of competition (for all)

  • October 9 at the Palais de la Porte Dorée: series comilation (Arte)
  • October 10 at the Arab World Institute: “Sur la route de Dakhla” documentary + Al Safar project “Ordinary Heroes” series
  • October 10 at Fluctuart: “Dialoguer avec le street-art” series (The Louvre)
  • October 13 at the François Truffaut movie library: “L’Art et la manière sur Mode 2” by Julie Bonan

Dance (for all)

  • October 9 at the Palais de la Porte Dorée: Battle.mov
  • October 12 at the Pina Bausch patio -3 (Westfield, Forum des Halles): eBattle.mov finale

Music (for all)

  • October 12 at the Westfield, Forum des Halles Pinau Bausch patio -3 (main stage): rap artist Kery James showcase + guests from the “Banlieusards” movie soundtrack

Meetings, debates and talks (for curious and initiated people)

  • October 7 at the Pantin Magasins Généraux: Olympic hip-hop, JO: les cultures urbaines sous les flashes
  • October 10 at Fluctuart: RACINE group retrospective
  • October 11 at Paris musical multimedia library: music and movie with Juan Massenya from “Vinyle” show
  • October 12 at La Place: current talents, professional meeting “De l’écrit à l’écran”
  • October 12 at Westfield, Forum des Halles Terrace -1: sponsor corner

Exhibitions (for all)

  • October 8 at Fluctuart: official opening of Martine Barrat photo exhibitions + JayOne exhibition
  • October 12 at the François Truffaut movie library: artiste Mode 2

Workshops and performances (for all including children)

  • October 12 at the Canopée: stop motion workshop (ciné kidz – creation of an animated video clip)
  • October 13 at Centr’Halles Park: stunt and parkour (in the shoes of a stuntman with Malik)

Happy festival!

Practical information

Opening Time
From 7 October 2019 to 13 October 2019



    Rue Berger
    75001 Paris 1

    M°1, 4, 7, 11 et 14 Les Halles
    RER A, B, D - Châtelet-les-Halles

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