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Virtual reality also takes over La Geode. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, La Geode offers the first virtual reality program and immersive in all its forms. We tried it and here is what happened.

We’re at the beginning of the virtual reality era. La Geode now presents its first virtual reality program enabling you to try the various virtual reality systems currently existing on the market. VR helmets are provided so you can be fully immersed and no matter the form it takes.

For 30 years, La Geode is always looking for innovations to make you discover new ways to see pictures in an always spectacular form. After the giant IMAX® format and 3D quality of relief on a 180° immersive giant screen within its hemispherical room, it now adds a new dimension to its offer by presenting an ambitious tour and unique VR experiences relying on various and qualitative contents for even more emotions and feelings.

This 1-hour long journey relies on three zones dedicated to cinema, video games and interactive salon scattered across 100 sqm within the wide reception area of La Geode under the hemispherical room.

La Geode becomes the first permanent place in Paris to offer all the diversity of VR experiences and amusement technologies to the general public.

To fully immerse you in this technological, social and artistic modern phenomenon, La Geode offers creative and unique contents: 360° virtual diving into virtual spaces, discovery of new fiction works, innovative video games testing, user-friendly and interactive games…

Geode VR tour is completed in small groups (9 visitors max) in about an hour through 3 zones each offering a specific experience playing on various technological modalities, on the more or less common aspect of the experience and the induced feelings.

Guided by qualified hosts, the participants will be happy to play surprising games and wonder where they are and even who they are!

Zone #1. CINE VR 360° - Screening of short films, documentaries and artistic compositions. On this occasion, we could discover a report on small plantations in Africa, meet small penguins as if we were exploring the Far North and attend an unexpected meeting between aliens come to invade the Earth and a small rabbit.

La VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la Géode 

Zone #2. GAMING VR – agility and action video games with sensors.
In this zone, you’ll wear a Playstation VR helmet to be immersed in an imaginary Paris or in ocean beds, you can play a shooting or driving game in true situation. As a memo, all games may change over time.

La VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la Géode 

La VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la Géode

Zone #3. Interactive Salon with HTC VIVE and its motion capture device. It’s undoubtedly one of the best way to comprehend virtual reality. In a closed room, guided by the voice of a hostess, we are immersed in ocean beds aboard a shipwreck and we’re mesmerized by this 360° décor with fishes and giant whales swimming very close to us. Then, we are on the top of a cliff to admire the view and play with a robot dog. Careful, you’re likely to feel dizzy! We end with a playful game that consists in defending our castle from invaders armed with a bow, arrows and several tricks.

La VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la Géode

La VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la GéodeLa VR à la Géode

You should know that the program is renewed and enriched with novelties over time and still offers new experiences to discover.

What about a VR immersion? Think about register early, places are selling like hot cakes!

Practical information:
Geode VR
Open since November 22, 2016
Rates: VR program €12 (reduced rate: €9)
Tickets combined with a movie at La Geode or an exhibition at La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie: €16
Online reservation

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 22 November 2016 to 31 December 2017



    26 avenue Corentin-Cariou
    75019 Paris 19

    tarif réduit: €9
    parcours VR + film: €16

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