Teen Spirit starring Elle Fanning: review and trailer

Elle Fanning is starring on Teen Spirit, a Max Minghella musical drama who makes his first movie where she plays a teenager dreaming of glory and glitters. In French movie theaters starting this June 26, 2019.

Elle Fanning was at the Cannes film festival this past may as a jury member of the 72nd edition, under the presidency of Alejandro González Iñarritu who directed her in the movie “Babel” released in 2006. At 21 years old and already starring in 40 movies, she’s been the youngest jury member of all the festival history.
She’ll be back in theaters in France on June 26, 2019 with “Teen spirit”, Max Minghella’s first movie as director and playing Nick Blaine in “The Handmaid’s Tale”. He also signs the scenario of this musical drama produced by Fred Berger (III) also producer of “La La Land” in which Elle Fanning performs songs by Ellie Goulding, Annie Lennox, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ariana Grande and even Katy Perry.


Teen Spirit” is about Violet (Elle Fanning), a Polish teenager living on the Wight island (England) fond of singing and dreaming of leaving her small town to become a pop star. Helped by an unlikely mentor, a mysterious former Croatian opera singer, she takes part in “Teen Spirit” auditions, a national musical TV talent show. An experience that will test her talent as well as her integrity and her ambitions…



Teen Spirit” is a fresh movie perfect for this early summer 2019. It targets a rather young and female audience.
The very first pictures of the movie – where Violet (Elle Fanning) is in her countryside – make us think about “Heidi” or “Little House on the Prairie”. Between horse riding, studying and working as a waitress, Violet sings in her room (when she enjoys herself on “Just a Girl” by No Doubt is delightful), with the church choir and in a bar where no one listens to her. But everything will change when she decides to take part in “Teen Spirit” auditions. The pictures of the castings may remind us of some TV talent shows. These moments are very dynamically filmed.
Nagging and lively pop music is almost always present throughout the movie. And when Violet sings, we first see how talented Elle Fanning is to sing and sometimes, we just want to stand up and dance with her.
The movie shows what happens backstage a TV talent show and show business, the traps and the bumps to avoid. Of course, we won’t tell you if Violet won or not and if she manages to have a career in singing. To find out, go and see “Teen Spirit”.

Laura B.
Last updated on 17 June 2019


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