A Quiet Place: Part II starring Emily Blunt: release date delayed to 2021

Published by Julie M., Laura B. · Published on 20 April 2021 at 13h35 · Updated on 20 April 2021 at 14h01
“A Quiet Place: Part II” was expected be released in France on March 18, 2020. The movie will eventually be out on June 16, 2021. The sequel to the scary movie “A Quiet Place”. This second movie is still directed by John Krasinski and stars his wife, Emily Blunt, as well as Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy.

Released on June 20, 2018 in France, “A Quiet Place” attracted about 650,000 spectators to movie theaters in France. The scary movie had the originality of being almost completely quiet since in this post-apocalyptical world, monsters attack every time they hear a noise. On the world’s scale, the movie has been a huge hit, especially from a bankable point of view since it cost 17 million dollars to the production and won over 340… with such a success, the producers could only plan a sequel. A second movie expected by viewers, especially in light of the end of the first opus… It’s now done. In June 2021 will be released “A Quiet Place: Part II”, a scary movie still directed by John Krasinski and starring his wife, Emily Blunt. In the meantime, we saw the actress as the lead part in “Mary Poppins returns”. This year, she will also star in “Jungle Cruise”, a Disney movie. With her, cillian Murphy starring in the "Peaky Blinders" series.


After the mortal events that occured in their house, the Abbot family has to face the danger of the outside world. To survive, the Abbots have to fight in silence. As they have to evolve in an unknown universe, they realize the creatures attacking at the least sound are not the only threat on their way…


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