Studio Galande: an independent and unique movie theater in Saint Michel

Published by Charlene S. · Photos by Charlene S. · Published on 2 June 2021 at 16h19
It has been over 40 years now the Studio Galande has been playing the famous “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” movie every weekend. The specialty? Each viewer is invited to take part in this interactive movie screening session, you included! In addition to this never-before-seen program, the theater is set in the heart of the Saint Michel district, between restaurants and Notre-Dame de Paris being only a few steps away.

Feeling like going for an uncommon movie screening session? Studio Galande was made for you! This is the only movie theater in Europe that still provides a movie screening “American cast” fashion, namely a session where each viewer participates and interacts during the movie. Holding accessories such as rice or other props, viewers are accompanied by a company in costume entrusted to host the session. An exceptional program attracting curious movie buffs. Some of them even comes for a bachelorette party! More about the  "Rocky Horror Picture Show" here!

In addition to this quirky program only available at weekends, Studio Galande also plays standard movies, sometimes several weeks after they first opened. It will definitely delight those who have not had the time yet to see them. And for the fun fact: just above the façade of Studio Galande is found the bas-relief made of stone of Saint Julien whose hospitality made him considered as the patron of travels in the Middle Ages.

As for the neighborhood, Studio Galande is set in the middle of the Saint Michel district, surrounded by varied restaurants and stores. For tourists or to simply take a walk after a nice movie session, this is also the closest movie theater to Notre-Dame de Paris, set only a few steps from the famous monument.

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42 rue Galande
75005 Paris 5

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