UGC Danton movie theater

Published by Charlene S. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 20 February 2020 at 14h39 · Updated on 27 February 2020 at 11h21
The UGC Danton movie theater is one of the two UGC group movie theaters set on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris 6th arrondissement.

Playing 14 movies, the UGC Danton movie theater – set in Paris 6th arrondissement – provide you with domestically released movies. Inside, 4 rooms at your disposal where you can enjoy movies in original version or with subtitles. There are also movies tagged with UGC labels such as the label UGC M enabling you to see movies the most enjoyed by viewers from the UGC group. And for now 10 years, the UGC group throws the Viva l'Opéra operation consisting in discovering lyrical works and ballets on the big screen. The Marriage of Figaro, Salome and so one… Also enjoy a few previews such as the movie Radioactive currently playing with the movie team.

All this in the heart of the Latin Quarter, one of the most iconic areas in Paris and a true temple for indie movies. In the same area, you can also find art houses such as the Filmothèque, the Champo or the Reflet Medicis. Less than 100 meters from the UGC movie theater is also set the Procope, the oldest bar in Paris and after walking for four minutes, treat yourself to a Japanese meal at Kodawari Ramen.

Movies to be displayed in UGC Danton:
Dans un jardin qu'on dirait éternel
Antoinette dans les Cévennes

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99 boulevard Saint Germain
75006 Paris 6

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