Movie theater: Paris Grand Rex closes in August for lack of spectators

Published by Laura B. · Photos by Charlene S. · Published on 3 August 2020 at 16h36 · Updated on 4 August 2020 at 11h40
Paris Grand Rex closes – temporarily – from August 3 to 25 for lack of spectators and movies to attract them. A first for the biggest movie theater in Europe.

Sad news for movie fans who are spending August in Paris
The Grand Rex – biggest movie theater in Europe – has announced to temporarily close, from August 3 to 25, 2020, for lack of spectators.

And yet, on June 22, when movie theaters were allowed to reopen after lockdown, the Grand Rex reopened to the public, providing a very interesting program. In addition to new movies and movies that were released again, the Rex bet on themed marathons and retrospectives – DC Comics, Dragon Ball, Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, Tarantino, Spielberg… –  as well as the screening of successful movies such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Casablanca” and even “Goodfellas”.

Even though the program saw several sessions sold-out, Grand Rex director Alexandre Hellmann says that because of the delayed release of Disney movies, Fox movies and many American blockbusters (“Tenet, “A Quiet Place: Part II”, “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Mulan”…), it is hard to keep on attracting viewers.

And this explains why after providing fewer sessions only open at 4 p.m., the Grand Rex director had decided to close the movie theater from August 3 to 25, 2020 included. An historic first. A black screen will fall at the Grand Rex at the end of the DC Comics marathon on August 3. The movie theater will only reopen on Wednesday August 26, 2020 with a Harry Potter marathon two days later.

A new bad sign for the movie industry that is really struggling with the current health crisis.
The movie release calendar changes daily with more and more movies being delayed.

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