The Forever Purge, the last installment of the saga: review and trailer

Published by Laura B., Julie M. · Published on 30 July 2021 at 13h28
Horror movie franchise “Purge” started in 2013 will end in 2021. “The Forever Purge” is out on August 4, 2021 in France. A scary movie still produced by Jason Blum and Michael Bay.

We knew for a while the “Purgefranchise will not end with four movies, and another feature-length movie will be out. Horror movie “The Forever Purge is to be out from August 4, 2021 in France.

Like with “Saw” a few years back (including a new and 9th movie, “Spiral: From The Book of Saw” out this summer 2021), “Purge” is not done using the novating idea – it was at first.

For when the first “Purge” movie was released in 2013, the scenario – a nationwide purging day when no murder is punished – could seem original and novating (provoking a similar effect as the first “Saw” movie, but less strong), the concept has been extended to three more movies and even a series. The first two seasons of “The Purge” series are available on Amazon Prime Video.

The latest installment of the franchise, “The First Purge” released in 2018, was a prequel to the previous three movies.

The Forever Purge” is directed by Everardo Gout (“Dias de Gracia”) who enters the saga. He also directed episodes for the following series: “Snowpiercer”, “Mars”, “Marvel’s Luke Cage”, and “The Terror”. The movie is still produced by Jason Blum and his Blumhouse company as well as by Michael Bay. The cast stars Ana de la Reguera (“Goliath”, “Power” and “From Dusk till Dawn: The Series” series).

And this fifth movie is to close the scary “Purge” saga (definitively or until further notice?).


Adela and Juan find comfort in a Texan ranch after they managed to escape from a drug cartel in Mexico. But things go bad when they are targeted by a group of masked “Purgers” refusing to let go of the fight.


Our review:

The action in this 5th installment of the "The Purge" saga is set right after the 3rd movie called "The Purge: Election Year" (for the record, the 4th movie was a prequel), when the Founding Fathers were re-elected.

The originality of this movie is it does not take place in the city like the other movies from the saga, but in Texas, close to the borders with Mexico, where the tension between Americans and Mexicans is palpable. Furthermore, some of the characters do not hesitate to claim they like the purge so they can get rid of immigrants. Immigration is at the very core of "The Forever Purge". The action of the movie takes place in the countryside, with cowboys and horses.

Another novelty is the action in the movie only starts 30 minutes in, showing the day following the purge and the cleaning of blood and bodies on the ground.

"Saw" fans - which latest movie, "Spiral From the Book of Saw" is still playing - will see some nods: a trap that looks like one the jigsaw murderer built, and masks, worn by the purgers, although representating traditional Mexican figures, they look like Jigsaw.

Yet, "The Forever Purge" is often confusion: in the heat of the action, we still do not know who fights and why, although the story of the movie tells us the purge has gone limitless, those against, and immigrants, having to flee abroad. A flee that is filled with issues and at the heart of the movie's plot.

Murders are still free, and the end of this new movie could call for a sequel, although "The Forever Purge" has been announced as the last movie. Such an idea should not be given up.

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Starts 4 August 2021

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