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Japan Expo 2016 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Parc des Expo

Publié le 3 April 2017 Par Elodie D.
Japan Expo

Infos pratiques

Du... 6 July 2017
Au... 9 July 2017

ZAC Paris Nord 2
93420 Villepinte

100 euros (billet zen)
12 euros (billet vendredi)
17 euros (billet jeudi et dimanche)
17 euros (billet vendredi et dimanche)
22 euros (billet samedi)

Horaires : 10h-18h

The Japan Expo is back from July 7th-10th at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Parc des Expositions. It’s the largest festival for Japanese culture and hobbies, and this year, it’s back in full force. If you love Japanese culture, martial arts, manga, animation and video games, this expo was made for you, so save the date!

The Japan Expo is the largest Japanese culture and hobby festival and it’s here again this year! Come experience this incredible event at the  Parc des Expos de Paris-Nord Villepinte from July 7th-10th, 2016.

Since it was first created, the Japan Expo has centered around two words: knowledge and entertainment. From manga to J-Music, the Cosplay fashion shows, martial arts, and the latest trends in cooking, the festival explores both traditional Japanese culture and contemporary pop culture. You can meet some of the greatest Japanese artists today, including Redjuice (Project Itoh), Umi Kuun and many more!

You can also buy manga, costumes, katanas and other video games, book a trip to Japan, attend conferences and participate in a million other activities, including:

  • Cosplay
  • Concerts
  • Karaoke Contests
  • Video Game Competitions
  • Martial Arts Classes
  • Cooking Workshops

With over 600 hours of scheduled events and activities, it’s easier to understand how 240,000 visitors come to the Japan Expo every year!

To help you make your way through this giant expo, the stages are themed and color-coded. To go from the Sakura space (cherryblossom pink) dedicated to traditional culture to the TAKE area (bamboo green) dedicated to video games, just follow the green carpet! You can also download the Japan Expo app to manage your schedule so that you don’t miss your favorite events. Everything has been carefully planned to allow visitors to make the most of these 600 hours of events!

The best of Japan and Japanese representatives in France come together for 4 days of festivities, because Japan Expo is not just an expo but a real party!

Useful Information:
Japan Expo 2016
July 7th-10th, 2016
Where: Parc des Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte
Hours: 10am-6pm, opens at 9 for presales
Prices: 12€ Thursday, 17€ Friday and Sunday, 22€ Saturday- 56€ for a 4-day pass

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