Le Mondial du Tatouage 2019 in Paris Grande Halle de la Villette

Facing the success of these past few years, Le Mondial Du Tatouage is back in Paris in 2019 for three exceptional days scheduled on Friday February 15, Saturday February 16 and Sunday February 17 at the Grande Halle de La Villette. This is good news for all tattoo lovers and passionate who won’t miss it for anything in the world!

Facing an increasing success for tattoo, Tin-tin (Tin-tin Tatouages, Paris) decided, over five years ago, to bring Le Mondial du Tatouage back to life after 13 years off.

After a successful comeback in March 2013 at the 104 followed by four wonderful editions in La Villette (28,000 visitors in 2014, 32,000 visitors in 2015, 35,000 visitors in 2016 and over 30,000 visitors in 2017 too), the event is back in 2019 and will be set up in the Grande Halle de La Villette again from Friday February 15 to Sunday February 17, 2018.

For three days, tattoo aficionados will meet again in Paris 19th arrondissement to live a new and ninth edition as exceptional as the previous ones.

Le Mondial Du Tatouage 2015 à ParisLe Mondial Du Tatouage 2015 à ParisLe Mondial Du Tatouage 2015 à ParisLe Mondial Du Tatouage 2015 à Paris

On the menu: tattoo contests (election of the best back piece or body suit, best large black and grey or even the best small color…) as well as exhibitions and concerts, including an exceptional performance by Ultra Vomit!


  • Friday Feb. 15, 2019: Ultra Vomit
  • Saturday Feb. 16, 2019: Lucifer
  • Greg Conraux: portraits of tattoo artists taken at Le Mondial du Tatouage these past 3 years.
  • Friday Feb. 15, 2019
    • 3 p.m.: Best small black and grey 
    • 5 p.m.: Best small color
    • 7:15 p.m.: Best of day

  • Saturday Feb. 16, 2019
    • 3 p.m.: Best large black and grey 
    • 5 p.m.: Best large color
    • 7:30 p.m.: Best of day

  • Sunday Feb. 17, 2019
    • 2:30 p.m.: Best back or full
    • 5:30 p.m.: Best of Show (including tattoos made on Sunday or during the event)

Le Mondial du Tatouage 2016 à ParisLe Mondial du Tatouage 2016 à ParisLe Mondial du Tatouage 2016 à ParisLe Mondial du Tatouage 2016 à Paris

But Le Mondial du Tatouage is first and foremost the place to be for many domestic and international tattoo-artists. So, in 2017, 420 tattoo-artists came to La Grande Halle de La Villette in order to complete the 244 tattoos registered for the 9 contests planned on 3 days!

In 2019, many tattoo artists answered the call including L'Oiseau from Cillioure Faubourg Tattoo Club, Richie Clarke from Forever True Tattoo in Liverpool, Misti-Ka Franck Anzalone from Valence, Dong Dong Chou from Mummy Tattoo in China, Fabricio Mello from Casa De Leoes Tattoo Piercing as well as Flo Nuttal, Moira Ramone, Kingsley Hayward from Lowride Tattoo in London, Lorena Arruda from Cologne - Germany - as well as Shige from Yellow Blaze Tattoo and Benjamin Laukis Tattoo without forgetting tattoo artists from the Tattoo Cover TV show with Marty Early Tattoo, Amy Mymouse, Diego Moraes Tattoo and Dodie. To know the rest, meet on Le Mondial du Tatouage official website!

You may wonder how to get a tattoo at Le Mondial du Tatouage. It’s simple, all you have to do is to visit the official website (website opening soon), select the tattoo-artist you want and write him or her your project (links are provided to contact the artists). But, be aware that tattoo-artists are quickly booked!

Till then, discover the aftermovie of Le Mondial du Tatouage 2017:

Inked friends or soon-to-be-inked, you’re expected from February 15 to 17, 2019 at Paris Grande Halle de La Villette for the edition 2019 of Le Mondial du Tatouage! Meet on November 5 for the ticketing service opening.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 15 February 2019

Practical information

Opening Time
From 15 February 2019 to 17 February 2019



    Parc de La Villette
    75019 Paris 19

    Pass 1 jour en préventes - Dimanche: 25 €
    Pass 1 jour en préventes - Vendredi ou Samedi : 30 €
    Pass 3 jours en préventes: 60 €

    Recommended age
    For all

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