The Samaritaine Reopens in 2020, discover the project

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 20 November 2019 at 13h30 · Updated on 20 November 2019 at 13h52
The famous Samaritaine department store is said to reopen in Spring 2020. with a bold and innovative renovation project with a 750 million euros price tage, the new buildings set Rue de Rivoli and Quai du Louvre are very awaited by everyone. Discover what to expect.

Legendary department store in Paris, La Samaritaine dis expeted to open in 2020. These large buildings in the city center have been entirely renovated: it's been over 10 years now that they haven't welcomed any clients. After several years of works, La Samaritaine is finally getting ready to reopens. The inauguration of these department stores is planned this time for spring 2020.

La Samaritaine La Samaritaine La Samaritaine La Samaritaine

It's in 2008 that LVMH presents the renovation project of La Samaritaine. The Luxury group decides to create new offices and stores in these unused buildings. Seine side, a Palace Cheval Blanc with 72 bedrooms and suites is expected. We know that Maxime Frédéric (former star chef at Georges V) will be the new pastry chef. The future La Samaritaine also plans to feature 96 social housings and a daycare for 80 children. This space will cover over 70,000 sqm and 10 floors and is part of an innovative environment approach.

The new La Samaritaine uses renewable energies: it's air-conditioned with deep geothermy and ice stocking processes. LVMH group also committs for the environment and the economy. 800 positions have been created for the department store, 380 for the Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, restaurants, daycare, security... All in all 1500 positions will be proposed first to the employees working there until 2005. With the offices, La Samaritaine is expected to bring 2400 new positions.

The project of the conception has been entrusted to Japanese agency Sanaa, Pritzker award winner 2010. To combine innovation and heritage, Jean-François Lagneau - head architect of historic buildings - took part in the project. The upcoming works for the Cheval Blanch hotel are supervised by Edouard François.

La Samaritaine La Samaritaine La Samaritaine La Samaritaine

Note that Otis company has also been called in to fit the new Samaritaine with lifts and escalators by the public reopening in 2020. Otis also plans to set 25 escalators and over 40 lifts serving the department store, the Cheval Blanc, the offices, the housings and the daycare.

For the record, La Samaritaine was created in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq. This seller opens his novelty business in a room near a café. Very quickly, success comes around and the store gets bigger. In 1900, Ernest Cognacq rules over department stores and takes over several blocks. La Samaritaine develops and revolves as run by its successive owners. It reaches its golden age in the 1960's.

After 1970, the commercial success of the department store goes downhill. It gets smaller and stores are sold to companies and turned into offices. In 2001, LVMH group takes over La Samaritaine. Four years later, the store closes for renovation works. This closing could have been temporary, La Samaritaine is still closed.

La Samaritaine is said to reopen in Spring 2020. Originally, works were thought to last until 2015. The latter have been highly delayed. Reopening announcements have been made for 2018 and 2019. Let's hope in a few months, we can once again enjoy the department store.

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