Free Persephone : a day spa just like in New York

The Free Persephone fragrance day spa is a small wellbeing bubble. In this tea salon with acidulated colors, under the tree of the manicure counter or the flower armchairs dedicated to pedicure, relaxation and beauty reign supreme.

Free Persephone is the very first fragrance day spa in Paris. In this beauty/tea salon, you can do : manicures and pedicures, massages, face and body cares, but also specific cares such as the ocular reflexology (great for those who work with computers) and some delicious bakeries.   

Refreshing, soothing, zen, relaxing, exfoliant, regenerating, nutritious, invigorating or an energizer : feel free to choose an option adapted to your needs and wishes   

Free PersephoneFree PersephoneFree PersephoneFree Persephone   

This day spa was built like a large and pretty house in a cosy style. Come spend some quality time by yourself or with your friends, and enjoy a very relaxing moment with a delicious snack on top of it.

Free PersephoneFree PersephoneFree PersephoneFree Persephone

Once you’ll be done taking care of yourself and eating delicious bakeries, you won’t be able to resist the desire to buy at least one of the numerous quality products of this conceptual beauty store : fragrances, hand cremes, perfumed candles, and many more carefully chosen organic products. Trust us, you’ll have a wide range of choices.

Free PersephoneFree PersephoneFree PersephoneFree Persephone 

Useful Information :
Free Persephone,
Official Website
Manucures : 34-72€
Pedicures : 51-91€
Face care : 68-140€
Body care : 18-150€



Céleste L.
Last updated on 19 March 2016

Practical information


66 Boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris 6


soins corps: 18-150 €
manucures : 34-72 €
pédicures: 51-91 €
soins visage: 68-140 €

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