Clip-out roller-skates: Flaneurz X Veja new collection

Trainers brand Flaneurz brings happiness to skaters and offers a novelty that will please skating sports enthusiasts: clip-out wheels.

Ha… 2017 is a nostalgic year. These past few months, fashion has kept us travelling to the 90’s. 2017 confirms that chockers, crop tops and even roller skates are back!

But, it should not mean that we are struggling in public transportation or in stairs because we are wearing roller skates. The brand Flaneurz, specialized in trainers dedicated to skaters, and Veja join forces to create a range both design and practical: clip-out wheels that you can clip onto any kind of footwear.
Des rollers détachables : la nouvelle collection Flaneurz X Veja

At Flaneurz you can already purchase models equipped with the On Wheelz system, such as Nike Air Force or the timeless Adidas Stan Smith. If not, well you can also send your own shoes so that they can be equipped with a special sole allowing you to clip onto your wheels whenever you want and wherever you want.

What a wonderful way to visit Paris. The wind blowing in your hair and you, skating through Parisian streets without being bothered by carrying another pair of shoes. Do not be surprised if they see you rollin’ and they hatin.

Practical information:
Flaneurz clip-out wheels
Available on the e-shop
Shoes equipped starting from €380
Installation of the On Wheelz system at €75


Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 28 June 2017

Practical information

Ajout de l'équipement sur des chaussures: 75 €
Chaussure équipées: 380 €

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