Le Comptoir des Savonniers: artisan soap by weight

Le Comptoir des Savonniers is the address you should remember if you want to exclude every harmful products from your bathroom to only keep quality ones. How perfect: here, you’ll only find handcrafted soaps and sold by weight.

We are more and more people paying attention to the products we buy. In our bathrooms and toilet bags, nature is taking over our products. We return to our roots, to an ancestral know-how while wondering when it all went wrong. Why methods that worked so well for so many years are now replaced with doubtful processes even harmful for our health? Fortunately, the trend is getting reversed!

Le Comptoir des savonniers : du savon artisanal à la coupe 

Le Comptoir des Savonniers is one of the best addresses in Paris to fill your bathrooms with good products to take care of your skin. Here, you can buy soaps by the weight. On the first hand, it is more ecofriendly since the solid soap production is much more environmentally friendly than shower gels and more economical since they last longer. In other words, you’ve everything to win.

Le Comptoir des savonniers : du savon artisanal à la coupe

But this isn’t the only asset of the address. Soaps are handcrafted and ingredients supplied by trustworthy producers. It ends up with a very wide range of soaps with thousands of properties. If you need to exfoliate your body, the sure thing is black soap. You need to moisturize your skin? The Jojoba-Shea soap works miracles. Oily skin? Try the tea tree soap! You need an entrancing scent? Rose, amber, iris, violet, oakmoss and even freshly cut grass, scents that are sometimes very surprising and often astounding and that manage to find a spot in your bathrooms.

Practical information:
Comptoir des Savonniers
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
32 rue Saint-André des arts, 75006 Paris
€10.20 for 100 g.

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 22 August 2017

Practical information


32 Rue Saint-André des Arts
75006 Paris 6

Métro Saint-Michel (ligne 4 ou RER C)

100g: 10,20 €

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