Le Petit Béret: Alcohol-free wine to enjoy without moderation

Le Petit Béret has a very peculiar specialty: alcohol-free wines. White, red, rosé or sparkling, these spirits are to be enjoyed without moderation.

Whether it’s for cultural or health reasons or just because you don’t like the taste, alcohol is not always welcomed on every table. So, if for the Holidays, you may want to put some bottles on your table for your guests who don’t drink alcohol and children can toast too, Le Petit Béret may be the perfect compromise.

The big specialty of this brand is alcohol-free wines. It offers several references, reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines coming from the South of France and they each have their own flavors.

Le Petit Béret : Le vin sans alcool à consommer sans modération

To perfect the experience, best sommelier in France Dominique Laporte suggests food pairings for each bottle. The big asset is that these 100% natural beverages are very low in calories.

And because without alcohol, the party is crazier, Petit Béret sparkling wines have everything to delight taste buds. The Pétillant Rosé offers very gourmet red berries and brioche aromas while the Blanc des Blancs present a rather floral and woody character. Finally, the Moscato d’Aqui offers in the mouth a true explosion of fruity and exotic flavors with a bitter twist that gives it all its charm.

To drink without moderation then, there won’t be the glass too many and good riddance to hangover!

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Last updated on 14 December 2017

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