Sayya: wellness in all its shapes in Paris

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 4 January 2019 at 12h50
Sayya is the spot 100% dedicated to wellness in Paris. Massage, yoga, hypnosis, psychotherapy and even meditation, here all specialties are gathered so that you can get rid of bad vibes.

Feeling under the weather? You feel dejected and life is no longer filled with colors? Well, we found the spot to get rid of your melancholy and to make you chill. Its name? Sayya. Nestled in Paris 10th arrondissement, this address is a true temple dedicated to wellness in all its shapes. And its no euphemism. No matter if it’s related to your emotions, your mind or your body, each pain has its solution.

Everything has been designed to invite to relaxation. The clean design with elements will remind you of nature and the soothing hues already convey good vibes as soon as you come in. Let’s have a seat at La Tisanerie that acts as a waiting room and a teashop to wait for our session. By the way, for some services, you can choose between a collective class or a private session. all in all, an army including over 50 practitioners expects you to change bad vibes into good vibes.

Sophrology, massage, yoga, psychotherapy, meditation, magnetism, naturopathy and even hypnosis, practices are numerous, and you know you’ll find your happiness. And for each one of them, you have a specialist able to listen to you. You discover then that there are thousand a one methods to help you blossom. It’s the chance – among others – to give a go to these famous methods you’ve been hearing about and wondering if they were truly effective. The time has come to see for yourself.

Ready to relax?

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68 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75010 Paris 10

Métro : Poissonnière (ligne 7)

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