Suisen, the exotic Japanese spa in the Marais

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Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 13 April 2020 at 12h42
Feel like discovering the benefits of a Japanese spa? Let’s go to Suisen Spa in Paris 3rd arrondissement to discover all the services provided by the place. Wa, Jaku, Sei, Kei… Enjoy relaxing moments to harmonize your vital energies through different techniques of Shiatsu.

Craving a shiatsu massage by the book? Let’s meet at Suisen Spa, a place set in Paris 3rd arrondissement providing a whole range of treatments and services for a privileged “me-time” moment. A Japanese spa carried “by a holistic vision of wellbeing” putting shiatsu at the heart of the house’s treatment protocols.

Shitatsu is a “thousand-year-old tradition mixing wellness moment to many benefits on the mind and body health” and a will of the spa to highlight all the benefits offering as a complement a whole range of teas coming straight from Japan, from organic farmers’ plantations. Teas offering “a variety of gustative qualities and benefits on the health” and a global wellbeing experience for an absolute moment of relaxation close to meditation.

Suisen, le spa japonais dépaysant du 3e arrondissementSuisen, le spa japonais dépaysant du 3e arrondissementSuisen, le spa japonais dépaysant du 3e arrondissementSuisen, le spa japonais dépaysant du 3e arrondissement

In terms of treatments, there are four of them and are available in solo or duo:

  • Wa, harmonyTraditional shiatsu

This treatment is performed on a tatami mat and a futon, dressed in a Jinbeï outfit – a large and traditional Japanese clothing. It consists in paced pressures, drums, stretching, light massage on the whole body. This traditional massage balances your energy, stimulates your flow and your immune defenses. It enables a deep physical, psychological and emotional relaxation. Harmonized and dynamized, the body finds its unity in accordance with the season. A treatment we tried and loved because of its stimulating and dynamic aspect. Pressures on the different meridians are put to feel very good at the end of the massage. The whole enjoyed with a cup of Kukicha tea, perfect when you're very tired.

  • Jaku, quietudeAromatic oil Shiatsu

It’s a whole-body massage with aromatic oil, on a massage table, devoted to relaxing tension points thanks to pressures and targeted techniques. All the oils used are organic and first cold pressed. Thanks to the touch and the smell, this treatment will bring a deep relaxation and calm your muscle pains.

  • Sei, purityFace youth treatment

Mixing wellbeing and beauty, this face massage includes different massage and pressure techniques on tsubos – the energy windows of the body. It focuses on the face, the neck, the neckline, the arms and the hands, but it also includes the entire body to ensure a global relaxation. This treatment tonifies the skin, smooth it, erase signs of fatigue and expression lines. Perfectly relaxed, your face looks fresh, bright and firm.

  • Kei, respectSilhouette firming

Focusing on the lower part of the body, tawashi brushing – a sponge made of vegetal fibers – activate microcirculation and smooth the skin out. It’s followed by a massage with aromatic oil mixing different techniques of rubbing, kneading-rolling, pinching and smoothing. This treatment provides an intense sensation of lightness. It detoxifies tissues, strengthens the lower part of the body, smooths orange-peel skin out and harmonizes the silhouette.

  • Fuku, happiness – Belly wellness

Brand-new treatment at Suisen, Fuku focuses on your belly, "center of the body and energy" and releases bad vibrations. It focuses on the solar plexus and the hara. For a massage of the head and neck, the belly is relaxed by the benevolent heat of a cushion filled with natural seeds. We then enjoy a belly shiatsy with soft pressures, light massages and vibrations are accompanied by deep and relaxing abdominal breathing. This treatment allows to get free from "these inconveniences while restoring the energetic flow in the entire body".

Let’s treat ourselves to a relaxing moment, shall we?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 September 2019



    7 Rue de Thorigny
    75003 Paris 3

    Métro ligne 8 station "Filles du Calvaire" ou "Chemin Vert"

    soin 1h: €105
    soin 2h: €180
    soin duo: €190
    Fidelity 5 treatments: €450
    Fidelity 10 treatments: €800

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    Ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 11h à 20h et le weekend de 10h à 20h.

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