Maison Marcadet: silk masks made in Paris 18th arrondissement

Published by Anne-christine C. · Photos by Anne-christine C. · Published on 2 February 2021 at 07h52 · Updated on 16 February 2021 at 17h38
How about 100% local silk masks designed by a couple? Here is Maison Marcadet, the new brand in Paris 18th arrondissement likely to put a smile on your face, behind the mask, of course!

Are you tired of maskne, this infamous mask-related acne? We have got you covered: have you considered silk masks? Very soft to the skin, and machine washable, it is a big yes for us! And they are created and sold by Maison Marcadet since late December. A very local production and a wonderful entrepreneurial adventure: we met the founders, keep reading to find out more.

We first tried the masks! Extremely soft, of course, perfect fit, they are available in black and white and cost €24.90. Maison Marcadet offers standard customization with golden initials and even a little heart for Valentine’s Day (for €27.90).

The latest collection enjoys the PTFE filter that filters particles and bacteria coming in and out. See, you protect people around you and you, it is pretty cool, is it not? We also notice that on the front face of the mask, stiches do not go all the way down to protect the filter.

Taking care of these masks is easy, you wash them in the machine up to 30°C in an underwear net with silk or wool-friendly detergent. An ecological asset as most masks with filters are not washable.

Maison Marcadet : les masques en soie made in Paris 18ème Maison Marcadet : les masques en soie made in Paris 18ème Maison Marcadet : les masques en soie made in Paris 18ème Maison Marcadet : les masques en soie made in Paris 18ème

How was Maison Marcadet born? First, there are two lovebirds, Viviane and Dominique wishing to enter into a civil partnership, but because of COVID, they have to perform the ceremony with masks on. How to find “ceremony-friendly masks”? Something smart that can match party attires? After browsing internet websites and other Etsy stores, they are still not convinced. The shape does not fit or the silk quality is an issue.

Never mind! They decide to create their own masks! The two lovers live rue Marcadet in Paris 18th arrondissement, a neighborhood filled with adjusters, and some of them are even specialized in silk requiring specific know-how. Paris Opera even has costumes made here. And the Saint-Pierre market is just a few steps away. This area of Paris 18th arrondissement is the ideal ecosystem to launch Maison Marcadet that is ultimately born in late December 2020.

We wish long life to this lovely project and let us order our masks on the online store now. And follow their Instagram page because Maison Marcadet regularly opens pop-up stores so that you can meet the founders!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 2 February 2021 to 2 February 2022



    75 Paris

    Masque en soie avec filtre: €24.9
    Masque en soie personnalisé avec filtre: €29.9

    Official website

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