Paris Fashion Week 2022: tips to improve your portraits and photoshoots

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 24 February 2022 at 14h34
Paris Fashion Week is back, and this is the occasion to immortalize your looks! On the occasion, we have found some great tips and tricks to improve your portraits and photoshoots with your smartphone!

more than ever during the Fashion Week, Paris is the capital city of fashion. Whilst the City of Lights lives to the rhythm of shows, passionate people show off their greatest looks in the Parisian streets. Parisians and tourists then leave on a quest for the most beautiful picture-worthy spots to shoot their styles in an iconic setting.

If you too want to play along and share great pictures during the fashion week, we have gathered here tips spotted on social networks, as well as tricks to improve your portraits and photoshoots with your smartphone!

1-      Tip to pose more naturally

If you do not feel comfortable when asked to pose, here is a tip likely to help you out, ideally for a full-body picture: start a natural movement and stop in the middle of it. For instance, you can walk three steps and stop, even if it means you have to play red light, green light (but not Squid Game style) with your photographer. You can try walking up to the camera for a front picture, or slightly diagonally for a three-quarter shot.

2-      Turn your phone over for a better perspective

This is a trick that is found a lot, that is ideal on one hand to improve the focus when you wish to shine a light on an object or close detail without sacrificing the background, and on the other hand, to play with perspectives! When taking the picture, turn your phone upside down so the camera is down, and do not hesitate to play with the convergence lines to bring more depth to your picture. For instance, from a staircase, place your phone upside down on the banister rail and adjust the framing before you touch the zone you want to focus on, on your screen. We let you enjoy it!

3-      Low-angle shot, yes, but!

Low-angle shot is an underrated framing, but if you comply with some rules. And this technique can really bring you out! The tip to get is to keep your face away from the lens, chin up, looking in the opposite direction. If you do so, you can place your eyes wherever you want, but keep your face up.

4-      Do not underestimate the panorama feature

Let us set the tone. You are at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, or in the heart of La Défense, you really want to use the back with gorgeous perspective, but you cannot get the right angle to do justice to the effect made by the buildings and high monuments. This is where the panorama feature comes into action! Switch to the feature and place your phone on landscape mode to use the panorama feature vertically. Stop when you are happy with the background and enjoy! Careful though, to make this trick work, you need to stay stable, do not hesitate to invest in a stabilizer.

Random tricks and tips spotted on social networks:

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