Summer sales 2018 in Paris: tips and good deals!

They are here! Summer sales are coming from Wednesday June 27 to Tuesday August 7, 2018. Shops are clearing out and this is the perfect occasion to gets good deals if you only know the places to be and if you anticipate!

Anticipating to better reign (over our wardrobe and our wallet), this is our motto. Well then, what do we do to shop clever?

Step #1: anticipating

At home: take a few hours to explore your home from the closet to the kitchen without forgetting anything. This is the best thing to do to find what lacks and what should be replaced… In the same time, throw away things you do not use anymore. Remove broken, damaged, used items. Remove all clothes you do not fit in anymore, you do not like. This is a good start to know what you truly need.

To shop clever, you often have to set a framework and set some ground rules: set a spending-limit, define priorities, all this will prevent you from buying compulsively and you will have no regrets.

On the internet: a few days before sales, subscribe to newsletters and keep a sharp eye on private sales! Several shops offer their loyal clients to shop items at exclusive discounts (about -40%). These private sales make you feel good, you do not push and shove and you also feel like privileged shoppers. You can fill in wishlists with the items you want and on the first day of the sales, the only thing you have to do is to click on the “order” button!

In store: we advise you to take a look at the store a few days before the sales so that you can find beautiful items, try them on and look at the stock. Then, there are two ways of processing: the old school one, you hope the items will still be here when you will come back, or you can add them to the digital wishlist and you set up the free delivery at the shop!

Soldes d'hiver 2018 à Paris : conseils et bons plans !

Step #2: choosing your shops

The worst situation is to run here and there to shop all the items on your wishlist. So, you really shall choose the shopping mall providing all the stores you need: in Ile de France, the choice is wide. But, you have another tip: in suburban shopping malls, shoppers do not go on a shopping spree in the very first days, there is less tension and even though there are fewer items, you are more likely to find what you are looking for.

Even though we think immediately to major retailers, it could be very interesting to give a go to small shops, creators’ shops or local shops… Well, at least during the sales. You will be less likely to find the same items at your friends’ place. And honestly, because we often are on a budget, sales are the perfect occasion (even an excuse) to buy a beautiful limited-edition piece.

Soldes d'hiver 2018 à Paris : conseils et bons plans !

Step #3: selecting

Think about the in-store e-reservation: no need to rush to the shop, with your heart in the throat, no more need to worry yourself sick while shivering and waiting for your parcel (is this top going to fit me?). Stop now, reserve on-line the items you want to try on, go to the shop 2 hours later and make a decision later. Numerous retailers now provide this solution: San Marina, Minelli, Caroll, Eram, NafNaf, RougeRorge, to list a few.

Soldes d'hiver 2018 à Paris : conseils et bons plans !

Step#4: taking your time to think

Ok, sales are often a crazy experience. When we look at the news, we see women fighting their way in at 8 a.m. and we just feel like it is a new edition of the Black Friday or Boxing Day. But, do not forget, that in France, sales last for 6 weeks, so stop worrying. You do not have to push everyone on the first day, unless you know there is just one item left in your size!

On the Internet or in the shop, look at the items on your wishlist to make sure they are put on sale and pay close attention to the discount. On the first days, if it is 50% cheaper and really want it, go for it! But if the article is only 20% cheaper, maybe it will be even more cheaper on the second mark-down, and if it is 70% cheaper, maybe shoppers shown no interest in and there is a lot of stock. The discount gives us information about how much stock is left as well as the quality of the product. So, before compulsively buying a t-shirt 70% cheaper, you should ask yourself if you really like it, if it is of good quality or if you will throw it away in three months because you will not wear it any longer.
You’ve been warned…

With all these tips, you may survive this new edition of sales.

Discover all our tips in our sales guide in Paris!

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 3 January 2018

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