Where are the CBD Coffee Shops in Paris?

In Paris, CBD Coffee Shops spring like mushrooms. These places propose THC-free cannabis available on sale and in different forms. To discover them, keep reading!

CBD Coffee Shops spring like mushrooms in Paris. In these stores, you can buy legal cannabis based on Cannabidiol (CBD) with a very low rate of THC (under 0.2%). Called Light Cannabis, it’s available in several and varied forms: herb, herbal tea, coffee, cookie, toothpaste, oil, lollypop… there’s a bit of everything. We went to check these places out that storm the French capital so that you can discover new addresses in Paris:

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BlueDreamLab goes from virtual to real by opening its CBD coffee shop in Paris 2nd arrondissement. A minimalist store where you can find CBD cannabis heads, or some products based on CBD cannabis.

BlueDreamLab le spécialiste de la vente de cannabis CBD

This first Parisian coffee shop doesn’t feature seats like in Amsterdam coffee shops. Here, the client chooses his weed at the counter, weights it and leaves with it, along with a certificate provided by CofyShop confirming the THC rate doesn’t exceed the tolerated level in France, which is 0.2%.

Où sont les Coffee Shop CBD à Paris ?

Le Lab du Bonheur
In a quiet street in Paris, near the Place de la République, we find Le Lab du Bonheur. Good riddance to bangs and other pipes, here, we discover cannabis with a new eye. A sober and trendy décor that is clean and boho, the place looks like a modern herbalist’s store. We’re far from Amsterdam coffee shops and yet you’ve come to the right place!

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris, un Coffee Shop CBD bien-être

Canna Coffee
At Canna Coffee in Paris, we find cookies and brownies with CBD, a medical marijuana. This first genuine coffee shop in Paris invites to relaxation on the beautiful and sunny terrace. Here, you take your time by sipping a CBD-based latte or tea.

Canna Coffee

Kong is the new counter selling CBD cannabis in Paris hiding inside La Maison du Sans Gluten in the 10th arrondissement. Here, you can legally buy THC-free cannabis.

Kong, le comptoir de vente de Cannabis CBD de la Maison du Sans Gluten

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Last updated on 27 June 2018

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