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Le Gentlemen 1919 : Bienvenue au paradis des gentlemen

Le Gentlemen 1919 : A Gentleman’s Paradise

In the 8th arrondissement in Paris, just steps away from the Franklin D. Roosevelt and St Philippe du Roule metro stations, there’s a hidden paradise where men can live like kings. A high-end hair salon, barber shop, bar and speakeasy are all combined to create the perfect spot for any gentleman to spend time relaxing and enjoying the good things in life.
La Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie par Gilles Marchal ouvre ses portes

La Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie by Gilles Marchal opens its doors !

In the beautiful Montmartre district, starting May 18th, 2016, you can come and taste the mouthwatering puff pastry cookies by Gilles Marchal in his new shop, the Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie at 1 rue Constance.
Les Outlets autour de Paris

Shopping Outlets in the Paris Region

Shopping for name brands at low prices, that’s what outlets are for! To save you some time, we’ve taken inventory and compared the different outlets just around the city, including Vallée Village, One Nation Paris, Marques Avenues, Usine Center and Usine Mode et Maison.
Fashion Forward, l'exposition aux Arts Décoratifs

Fashion Forward, the pictures of the exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs looks back at 3 centuries of fashion from April 4th to August 14 th 2016. With this exhibition called “Fashion Forward”, the Museum puts some of the most beautiful pieces of its collection under the spotlight.
Quelle tenue porter au printemps 2016 ?

What to Wear This Spring 2016

With sunny days approaching, we’re starting to think about what to wear this Spring 2016. Between our 2015 spring clothing and the ultra-sophisticated fashions on the runway, which trends should we remember?
Free Persephone : un day spa comme à New York

Free Persephone : a day spa just like in New York

The Free Persephone fragrance day spa is a small wellbeing bubble. In this tea salon with acidulated colors, under the tree of the manicure counter or the flower armchairs dedicated to pedicure, relaxation and beauty reign supreme.
La Nouvelle Samaritaine

The Samaritaine Reopens in 2018

The famous Samaritaine department store will be reopened to the general public in 2018, after undergoing an innovative overhaul with a 500 million euro price tag. The renovated structure and new buildings on Rue de Rivoli and Quai du Louvre are already the talk of the town...
CNIT MOVE, Blocbuster, escape game, fitness et golf indoor à la Défense

CNIT MOVE Opening: Blocbuster Rock Climbing, Escape Game, Fitness and Indoor Golf at La Défense

The CNIT shopping center by 4 Temps is opening the giant recreation space you’ve been waiting for. It’s called CNIT Move, and it’s an over 50,000 ft2 space that’s been transformed into a climbing gym, golf course fitness center and escape game. CNIT Move is now open and awaiting visitors 7 days a week. Each of these spaces has something special to offer, if you aren’t already convinced to check it out!
Chambelland, la Boulangerie sans gluten à Paris

Chambelland, the gluten-free bakery in Paris

Are you looking for a gluten-free bakery? Do you want to try gluten-free breads for your healthy or to diversify your diet? The Chambelland bakery has everything to please you. Homemade products you can track from A to Z, organic ingredients and tasty original breads, Chambelland has everything to win your vote.
e-Fashion Awards 2014

The 2014 e-Fashion Awards

Encouraged and produced by PPA and the Be Mode Association, the 4th edition of the e-Fashion Awards this year will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at the Salon des Miroirs (Hall of Mirrors), in Paris.
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