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Le Petit Béret : Le vin sans alcool à consommer sans modération

Le Petit Béret: Alcohol-free wine to enjoy without moderation

Le Petit Béret has a very peculiar specialty: alcohol-free wines. White, red, rosé or sparkling, these spirits are to be enjoyed without moderation.
Molinard, la parfumerie de luxe à la Française

Molinard, French luxury perfumery

Molinard is the latest spot for those looking for a unique perfume. The first store of this perfumer in Paris opens the doors of its universe in the 6th arrondissement.
Nouvel an chinois 2018 au Peninsula

Chinese New Year 2018 at the Peninsula Paris

On February 15, the Peninsula Paris celebrates the Chinese New Year 2018 by proving many animations. Exceptional menu, exhibitions, treatments and a unique program for the celebration.
Le Marché de Noël du Péninsula

Christmas Market at The Peninsula Paris

A Christmas Market us coming to the terrace Kleber of The Peninsula. From December 1 to 25, 2017, come along and discover this lovely place offering gifts ideas as well as oysters, mulled wine and other sweet treats.
La Quinzaine des éclairs 2018

Eclairs galore for two weeks in Paris in 2018 – La Quinzaine des éclairs

Chocolate éclair, coffee éclair, vanilla éclair… Here are the classics we rush to eat in one bite! And how about changing for a bit? Yes, we can, because our favorite artisan bakers and pâtissiers plan to put themselves out this year again to offer you 3 new éclair flavors throughout the Quinzaine des éclairs held from February 24 to March 11, 2018!
La nouveau Marché de Noël de Paris aux Halles

Paris new Christmas Market at Les Halles

The new has just arrived, a new Christmas Market is coming to Paris starting from this Monday November 27, 2017, the biggest Christmas Market in Paris now that the Champs-Elysées Christmas Market has gone. 70 cabins expect you to promote world’s crafts, local products and animations.
Le Père Noël et ses chiens de traineau arrivent à Evry 2

Santa Claus and his sled dogs are coming to Evry 2

Until December 24, 2017 before leaving for a tour across the world to give gifts to every more or less good child, the “genuine” Santa Claus is coming to Evry 2 shopping mall. Don’t miss his triumphing arrival standing on his sled pulled by superb husky dogs this Wednesday November 22, 2017.
Le village du Père Noël de Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Saint-Germain-des-Prés Christmas Market 2017

Saint-Germain-des-Prés Christmas Market is back in Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés from December 2, 2017 to January 3, 2018. A lovely and authentic Christmas market for a charming walk.
Le Marché de Noël 2017 de Notre Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris Christmas Market 2017

Notre-Dame de Paris Christmas Market is back from December 15 to 24, 2017: gastronomy and ethic products made in France, hand-made by artisans or designers await you.
Le Marché de Noël de La Défense 2014

Christmas Market 2017 at Paris La Défense

True Christmas village, La Défense Christmas Market is back from Thursday November 23 to Sunday December 31, 2017. For this 23rd edition, over 250 Christmas cabins will be set up in La Défense square to one and a thousand Christmas presents ideas. In a festive and magic atmosphere, we stroll with our families, we enjoy some Christmas treats and we make the best of the animations!
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