Spartan Race Paris at the Stade de France

This year, Spartan Race takes over the Stade de France. Enjoy the crazy indoor/outdoor race with obstacles galore on March 17, 2018. Are you ready to take up the Spartan Stadium Sprint challenge?

This year, you can’t say that it’s not easy to get there. You have no excuse; the Spartan Race takes over the legendary Stade de France. This next March 17, about 6,000 runners are expected to take up the Spartan Stadium Sprint, a race made of 20 obstacles to overcome.

For this exceptional session, it’s a short format that is provided. Good riddance to the 8-mile race, the race covers “only” 3 miles. Consequently, the race is accessible to high-level athletes.

La Spartan Race Paris au Stade de France

Well, don’t think it’s going to be easy, that you can do it with one hand tied behind your back! You have to survive the 20 obstacles, without taking into account that if you can’t do it, there will be sanctions (you better succeed, trust me on this). Climbing, carrying, pulling… in the bleachers, the backstage area, the pitch, a nice challenge expects you.

And what’s fun in a stadium, it’s that, there are seats to attend the exploits of our brave sportsmen and sportswomen. No need to be on the side of the race, that is full of mud, you’ll be nicely seated in the grandstands to support the brave ones.

La Spartan Race Paris au Stade de France 

You’re on a budget and you’re looking for a way to take part in the race? Try to be a volunteer. According to everyone’s skills and the various needs of the Spartan Race, volunteers are assigned to obstacles management, registrations, logistics and can be recruited as “gladiators”, these hosts equipped with a helmet and an armor adding a touch of authenticity to the races.

Then, warriors who thought it was so cool or too easy, don’t forget the Jablines Spartan Race in full nature that comes back in September this year.

Well, you only have to find a fellow sufferer to go try it and have fun (or not)!

Practical information:
Spartan Race Paris Stade de France
Saturday March 17, 2018
Upon registration
Rates: €89 Open category / €99 Age category / €109 Elite category 

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Last updated on 12 February 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
On 17 March 2018



    Rue Francis de Pressensé ZAC Cornillon Nord
    93210 Plaine Saint Denis (La)

    Open: 89 €
    Par âge: 99 €
    Elite: 109 €

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