Mushroom Rallye Karting: a life-size Mario Kart race in Paris

A life-size Mario Kart, how does it sound? Then don’t miss the first French edition of the Mushroom Rallye Karting that will take place very soon in Paris!

Who has never dreamed of being Mario, Luigi or even Yoshi in Mario Kart? Come on, don’t lie, you’ve certainly already wanted to throw banana peels or shells to your opponent… If you did, be ready because your dream is about to come true!

After causing a sensation in the United states, the Mushroom Rallye Karting is coming to Europe with several legs including an exceptional date planned in Paris. But for now, there’s no precise date nor precise venue but the Mushroom Rallye Karting will likely be on everyone’s lips.

We must say that the Mushroom Rallye Karting is a huge dressed karting race inspired by the famous video game, Mario Kart.

Think a bit: proudly dressed up as your favorite video game hero to compete with your opponents and try to win this life-size race collecting as many stars as possible. But careful though, there are banana peels on the way!

For the most impatient ones, sign up now to know when the tickets go on sale. For the others, stay tuned!

Caroline J.
Last updated on 5 March 2019

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