Paris Half-Marathon back on March 6, 2022

Published by Graziella L. · Published on 3 February 2022 at 20h23
Amaury Sport Organization announces they will expect runners on March 6, 2022 for the new edition of Paris Half-Marathon. This is the occasion to set new records as the year begins!

After two difficult years, Paris Half-Marathon 2022 will take place on March 6, 2022Running lovers and skilled racers will put on their best running shoes to try and set new records for one of the first races of the year, before the famous Paris Marathon!

Over 44,000 runners will be expected for the race considered as one of the most popular events of the French sporting calendar. While running, races will be able to enjoy the greatest places in town for a flat race covering about 21km, perfect to start the season. Whether you are new or skilled, this is the perfect length for this urban race making you see Paris in a new light, between concrete and forest.

During the Half-Marathon meet loyal Ile-de-France runners, as many people from Province and about 4,000 foreign racers including elite athletes from Kenya or Ethiopia here to complete incredible performances.

You can already sign up for the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi-Marathon de Paris. Get your running shoes!


L'organisateur offre 1 dossard pour participer à l'Harmonie Mutuelle Semi Marathon de Paris le dimanche 6 mars 2022.

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