New lockdown: sport and running, 1km and 1 hour maximum and on your own

Published by Alexandre G., My B. · Photos by Alexandre G. · Published on 1 November 2020 at 13h38 · Updated on 1 November 2020 at 16h35
Confined again, Parisians and French people will now have to stay at home as much as possible and limit trips, even though they're allowed to go out and work out a bit. This Thursday October 29, Roxana Maracineanu clarified rules. You have to tick some conditions: be alone, for a short period of time, by your place (up to 1 kilometer maximum), for 1 hour maximum. You can only work out outside and on your own.

Even in confinement, we can find solutions to work out in Paris. This Wednesday October 28, 2020, the French President has announced a new lockdown to curb the second coronavirus epidemic wave as much as possible. And good news, in Paris and other cities in France, you can go out on a run and work out on your own. But what are the conditions?

The day after the President's address, Prime Minister Jean Castex gave details as for the rules framing working out. Like during the first lockdown, runs and other sports are allowed around the house, within a 1-km perimeter, given you have a mandatory trip certificate.

Another precision given by the Prime Minister: sport practiced outside and on your own is the only thing allowed. Therefore, collective sports practiced outside are banned. Non-professional sport competitions are cancelled by the federations, following these announcements. The exception being professional competitions since work is still on.

Another initiative - applying to schools and PE - the Minister confirmed children are allowed to keep on practicing sport at school. Children are the only ones who can still practice sport in a club, in an after-school framework, depending on the cities to let premises open or not.

To make these new rules clearer, a decree is expected on Thursday October 29, presented from 6:30 p.m. by the Prime Minister and his office. But it will be released later this week, the Minister says. As for bicycle, it is allowed (within the 1km perimeter) as well as for home-work commute.

Then, we can easily guess that the government wants with this special instruction to encourage French people to get fresh air to better cope with their ineluctably confined daily life. Let us not forget to remain cautious. Each one of us remains partly responsible of the collective health.

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