A virtual and solidarity 10km race to support UNICEF

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 18 June 2020 at 11h58
After long weeks without competitions, Running Heroes and Puma host an exclusive virtual race which benefits will be donated to UNICEF to help amid the health crisis. The principle of the 10K Free To Race? Running 10 kilometers between June 20 and 21, wherever you want and whenever you want! Other star athletes take part in the event.

The coronavirus crisis also changes running habits. So, why we have been able to go and run without time or distance limit for a few weeks now, running fans will be champing at the bit before they can resume competitions and gatherings. This is exactly the reason Puma and Running Heroes are throwing the 10K Free To Race challenge, a race mixing virtual and real for a good reason.

The principle is extremely simple: one you have signed up, you must run at least 10 kilometers between June 20 at midnight and June 21, still at midnight, but without almost no constraint! Yes, this is no dream, you can run this race wherever you want, and whenever you want. The only imperative being to run 10 kilometers, no matter what, no less, no more, and in one go, without a break. Each performance will be assessed with a GPS watch or a tracking application.

Tweet reads: “On June 20 and 21, Running Heroes and Puma invite all runners to run together as part of the 10K Free To Race: a virtual and solidarity race for the UNICEF. Over 3,700 runners have signed up already.”

To be part of it, it is even simpler: you only have to sign up to Running Heroes’ challenge and pay the registration fees (€10). This is why this race is as solidarity as this, since for each registration, €6 are donated to the UNICEF in order to respond to the Covid-19 emergency worldwide. All weekend long, runners across the planet will follow their performances with lots of gifts to win!

And surprise: Puma athletes such as Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Floria Gueï, and even Laura Valette participate in the race as well, so that you can confront the best of world athleticism for a race. Think of it, being able to run with athletes at the foot of your building or the end of your street… we can always find solutions against the disease!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 20 June 2020 to 21 June 2020



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