Mont Kailash Spa, a Tibetan spot devoted to wellness in Paris

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 8 March 2021 at 16h56
Looking for a place to escape to? We have fond a great spa so that you can relax in Paris! Welcome to Spa Mont Kailash, the wellness spot providing you with Tibetan treatments.

Parisian life is far from being a quiet river, this is very well-known. Days go by, weeks too, and you suddenly are aware that in this crazy pace, you forgot one crucial thing: taking time for yourself! Fortunately, Paris is filled with wonderful places devoted to wellness, genuine haven of peace where the only thing mandatory is to relax. Today, we share our latest favorite with you: Spa Mont Kailash.

Set in the heart of Paris, Spa Mont Kailash is a confidential spot nestled in 16 rue Saint-Marc, Paris 2nd arrondissement. Rush into a courtyard that looks like a side road to walk to an exotic setting made of natural material, far from the Parisian hustle and bustle. This serene vibe already brings some comfort.

Here, massage is to be enjoyed as a therapy. And for good reason. The spot founder, Tseten, grew up in Tibet in a family of traditional doctors and quickly grew interested in therapeutical massage properties. First trained by her grandfather, before graduate from Lhassa Tibetan Medicine University, she created this wellness center providing you with discovering this know-how in the heart of the French capital.

As for us, we went for the Norling treatment. Perfect as spring is springing, it aims at fighting against water retention, and revolves like a ritual. It starts with a Tsampa scrub based on sesame oil and barley flour. This natural treatment is applied to the entire body, with an energetic massage, and enchants us with its sweet and mouthwatering smell, but it is not too much. We know right away we are in good hands and we feel our body relax as it is being massaged.

This introduction could be only one treatment! We are then wrapped in a cocoon of towels and we are left as we are for a dozen minutes, lulled by sweet reverie and the sound of traditional Tibetan music. After a quick shower to rinse scrub off, our skin is as smooth as silk, feels tighter and the benefits of the scrub are visible for days.

Then comes the second part of the ritual. Thanks to the kneading-rolling method, we fight against water retention in the entire body by insisting on the ankles, calves, thighs, and back. Movements are thorough, energetic, and we feel relived as tensions we were used to ultimately ease off. The treatment also promises action on cellulitis, and we did have noticed a positive impact. Kneading-rolling is then followed by circular massage, softer, including pressure on different acupuncture points. Muscle pain is finally relieved. At the end, we are guided under one of the alcoves where several small lounges await, so that you can enjoy a cup of tea in a serene atmosphere. This is the last stop before returning to a hyperactive Paris… and this time, we are ready to go for it!

After this treatment, after a crazy weekend paced up by many walks in Paris, we still do not feel in pain. And this is how we found Spa Mont Kailash was our new favorite spa in town.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 3 March 2021



    16 Rue Saint-Marc
    75002 Paris 2

    Métro Quatre-Septembre (ligne 3) Bourse (ligne 3) et Grands Boulevards (Lignes 8 et 9)

    Soin Norling (1h): €105

    Official website

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