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Aventure aventure Parks

Publié le 1 June 2017 Par Julie M.
aventure aventure

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Du... 1 March 2017
Au... 15 November 2017

Rd 50
77240 Cesson

10 euros (Découverte)
14 euros (Petit aventurier)
25 euros (Grand aventurier)

Tous les week-ends, mercredis, jours fériés et ponts.
Ouvert tous les jours pendant les vacances scolaires.

Aventure Aventure ("Adventure Adventure") consists of 2 parks, in different places around Paris, dedicated entirely to tree climbing (aka "accrobranche"). A variety of courses, ranging from green to black, for beginners as well as advanced "acrobats".

Paris Est Davy Crockett (77174)
Second biggest park when it comes to the number (95) and the length of workshops, the Davy Crockett Aventure is a fairly intense and physical park, with a very athletic black course, 2 Tarzan jumps, including one 16 metres long, countless giant zip lines...
3 green courses are now available to those who have a fear of heights, 3 courses are accessibles to people under 1.40 meters and 2 courses are particularly aimed at sports enthusiasts, in need of an adrenalin rush!

Stroll among 10 new original workshops: Zig-Zag bridge, Japanese, flea jumps, swings, Tyrolean... Between 2 and 3.50 metres high, this course is open to all (from 1.25 metres)*!
Will you dare to face your fears?

The newest park is almost hidden, in the wildest and most dense of the group's forests (forest of Grains), just 20 minutes from the Porte de Bercy and 5 minutes from Disneyland Paris.


For 3h:
Person < 1.40 = 15€
Person > 1.40 = 25€
Accompanying visitor = 3€

Day pass:
Person < 1,40 = 30€
Person > 1,40 = 50€
Accompanying visitor = 6€

Paris Sud Sainte Assise (77240)
40 km south of Paris is one of the oldest tree climbing parks in Ile de France. A forest of hundred-years-old oaks on no less than 12 hectares. In 2006, the park took an extra breath of fresh air, with the opening of a new course and the installation of a 200-meter zipline, unique in Ile-de-France.

The park starts with two very progressive courses for beginnerssuitable for people under 1.40 meter. 2 unique (in the Ile-de-France) and amazing Tyrolean, 200 and 255 meters long (accessible independently) for those who have no fear of heights...

To date, too few adventurers have successfully faced the new black course, without a doubt the most extreme in Ile de France!


For 3h:
Person < 1.40 = 12€
Person > 1.40 = 22€
Accompanying visitor = 3€

Day pass:
Person < 1.40 = 24€
Person > 1.40 = 44€
Accompanying visitor = 6€

Contact :
Aventure Aventure
14 avenue de Verdun
94410 Saint Maurice
Fax: +33 (0)1 43 65 88 70
Tel: +33 (0)825 150 280 (0.15 €/min)

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