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"Aventure Floreval" in Bruyères Le Châtel

Publié le 10 April 2017 Par My B.
Aventure Floréval, le parcours aventure en pleine nature

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Du... 25 March 2017
Au... 5 November 2017

91680 Bruyeres le Chatel

17 euros (enfant)
26 euros (adulte)

"Aventure Floreval" (the English version would be... Floreval Adventure) offers more than 200 workshops spread throughout 10 courses, ranging from "child" level to "sports pro", with a fun "family" level.

Come get your fill of sensations and thrill on a course with several giant zip lines, or come test your physical abilities on the "impassable" (or impossible) course!!!
The younger adventurers will have a chance to experience the same thrill, on the "SUPERKID" course, which has an automatic belay system.

You will go from tree to tree, using:

suspended bridges,
monkey bridges,
Tarzan jumps…
going up to 20 metres.

What you can go for:

Super Kid Course (white): from 3 y.o, max 1.50 metres, automatic belay system
Disovery ("découverte") Course (yellow): from 6 y.o, max 2 metres
Evolution Course (green): from 6 y.o, max 3 metres
Escape ("évasion") Course (blue): from 9 y.o, max 5 metres
Sensation ("émotion") Course (orange): from 11 y.o, max 7 metres
Thrill ("frisson") Course (red): from 13 y.o, max 9 metres
Extreme Course (black): from 16 y.o, max 15 metres
Tyrolean Course (turquoise) : from 11 y.o, consisting of giant zip lines
Impassable ("infranchissable") Course (purple): from 13 y.o, for adventurers
Toutenho Course (brown): from 11 y.o, max 20 metres, course right on the top of the trees

The little ones will also have a chance to enjoy Pony rides in the forest.

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10 a.m to 19:00 (7 p.m)
And every day during school holidays

Rates: (Group: 15+ people)

For 3 hours (equipment included)
Children (6-8) 15€, group: 13,50€
Teens (9-15) 19€, group: 17€
Adults (16+) 23€, group: 20€

SuperKid course: 12€, group: 11€

Pony rides: 10€

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