Le Parc Lémurien in Champagne sur Seine

Published by Raphael R. · Published on 5 June 2019 at 18h00 · Updated on 6 June 2019 at 10h16
The Parc Lémurien (Lemur Park) is a park with an "adventure path", just at the edge of the Fontainebleau forest. 45 minutes south of Paris, Le Parc Lémurien is located in 15 hectares of forest, in the middle of the Graville Domain (400-hectare listed private forest).

Since 2002, the courses of the Parc Lémurien (Lemur Park) set by the Fontainebleau forest have been improving continuously, in order to please the most adventurous amongst you (or your children!).

Over 120 workshops, ziplines, monkey bridges, lemurs' jumps, flying lianas, hidden nets, bridges... and workshops with original creations are waiting for you!

8 courses in the trees of increasing difficulty, for all, starting as young as 4 years old, including a 100% safe "Parcours Découverte" [Discovery Path] with a continuous lifeline. The conception of this new path allows children not to have to handle any snap hooks: hook the snap hook on the safety line at the beginning of the path and unhook them at the end, it's as easy as that!

A giant Tarzan jump (16+ years old) : only at the Parc Lémurien: go beyond your own limits... It's safe. You jump and you do a 22-m pendular movement.


  • Découverte, from 4
  • Exploration, from 6
  • Evolution, from 8 (6 y.o. with an adult)
  • Aventure, from 10 (8 y.o. with an adult)
  • Evasion, from 12 (10 y.o. with an adult)
  • Sensation, from 14 (13 y.o. with an adult)
  • Horizon, from 16 (14 y.o. with an adult)
  • Extreme, from 16 (14 y.o. with an adult)
For the youngest ones or people not wishing to complete the courses, the pedestrian area is made for you:
  • Follow-up around the aventure path

  • Petit Lémurien area for children from 2 to 5 y.o.
    Children discover an adventure course fitted to their age and can move around with workshops close to the ground, without any equipment, under your own supervision and outside.

  • Fauna and flora discovery paths

  • Bird shelter in partnership with the LPO

  • Picnic areas

  • Nomadic tents and tepee
And for lunch break, enjoy the relaxation area, the pinic area and the playground area especially created for visitors and persons with them!

Practical information


31 rue Pierre de COUBERTIN
77430 Champagne sur Seine

4-5 ans 1/2 journée: 12 €
6-9 ans 1/2 journée: 15 €
10-12 ans 1/2 journée: 19 €
+ 13 ans 1/2 journée: 22 €
4-5 ans journée complète: 22 €
6-9 ans journée complète: 25 €
10-13 ans journée complète: 30 €
+ 13 ans journée complète: 35 €

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